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Super Bowl Mystery Clip Suspect Arrested
TUCSON (GaeaTimes.com)- Almost two years after the 2009 Super Bowl game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals was mysteriously interrupted by a porn clip display, police has been able trace the man responsible for the notorious act.
Julie Powers Schenecker Denied Bail
TAMPA (GaeaTimes.com)- Julie Powers Schenecker was produced at a Tampa court on Monday for a brief hearing in the murder case of her two teenage kids, 16-year-old Calyx and Beau 13.
Jayme Biendl Strangled
SEATTLE (GaeaTimes.com)- A state corrections officer of Washington, Jayme Biendl was found dead in the prison chapel last Saturday.
Calyx Powers Schenecker And Beau Powers Schenecker Remembered
TAMPA (GaeaTimes.com)- Friends and neighbors of Calyx Powers Schenecker and Beau Powers Schenecker held a memorial service on Friday night remembering the two children who were shot dead by their own mother Julia Powers Schenecker.
Julie Powers Schenecker Hospitalized
TAMPA (GaeaTimes.com)- Julie Powers Schenecker, the 50 year old mother who has been charged of killing her own children has been hospitalized.
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