Douglas County School Teacher Trial Case

By Naiwrita Sinha, Gaea News Network
Monday, January 10, 2011

OMAHA ( The 29 year old Nicholas J. McKeone is being tried for charges of sexual assault against him. The court on Friday ordered that the Douglas County school teacher stands trail for the charges that were levied against him by his own students. Two boys have complained that Nicholas J. McKeone had harassed them sexually on several occasions.

While one of the allegations come from an 11 year old boy, the other one was raised by a 13 year old boy. The 11 year old boy recently spoke up that Nicholas J. McKeone who used to coach him for his football team had made sexual contacts with him. He revealed that he had spend numerous weekends at the teacher’s house. During his stay, the Douglas County school teacher insisted that he slept on the same bed with him wearing minimal clothes. While sharing the bed Nicholas J. McKeone would rub his lower body parts although never touched his sexual organs. This recent allegation threw light on the other shameful deeds that Nicholas J. McKeone had done in the past. Another 13 year old boy said that Nicholas J. McKeone had touched him inappropriately several times. This one however said that the teacher had touched his sexual organs.

Although Nicholas J. McKeone’s defense lawyer J. William Gallup said that the allegations does not in any way prove that his client had done any sexual assault on the boys. The attorney defended his client said that Nicholas J. McKeone’s actions only revealed his poor sense of judgment. A judge at the Douglas County District Court has however, issued out that the initial hearing was enough to decide that the school teacher stands out for a trail.

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