Chandler Mall Shooting Resulted Out Of Confusion

By Naiwrita Sinha, Gaea News Network
Thursday, January 6, 2011

CHANDLER ( Shoppers present at a local mall in suburban Phoenix had a harrowing experience due to the crime operation that took place on Wednesday. Chandler police who were looking for a notorious fugitive had mistaken another man for him as a result of which it was all hell broke loose at the spot. The man later on identified as Adam Hernandez was taken in police custody on Wednesday afternoon. Panic seized everyone present there after shooting rounds followed in between the 27 year old and police.

After the situation was brought under control Chandler police authorities divulged that they were actually looking a fugitive named Daniel Munoz Perez who bore resemblance in many ways with Adam Hernandez, whom the officials were actually searching for. Adam Hernandez on seeing police after him fled inside the mall. The worst part was that he had also taken two other with him as hostages and barricaded himself. The situation worsened and police decided to lockdown the mall for around five hours. According to sources, all the customers and employees were evacuated from the shopping complex so that the rescue operation could be carried out without any harm. There followed rounds of shooting from both the sides.

After several hours of the incident, Adam Hernandez himself came up and surrendered himself. The two who were taken as hostages were also released unharmed. Police, however, refused to disclose any information about Adam Hernandez. The Chandler Fashion Center mall was restored minutes after the confusion was resolved. Police are actually searching for Daniel Munoz Perez who is wanted for shooting officials at the Arizona Department of Public Safety last month.

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