Juliani Cardenas Dead?
PATTERSON ( Police now are fearing that four year old Juliani Cardenas who was allegedly abducted on January 18 is dead.
Gardena High School Shooting
LOS ANGELES ( Even though panic seized students and their parents after the shooting incident took place at the Gardena High School, friends and classmates of the suspected teenager claim that their friend is not someone who would do anything like that willingly.
Gardena High School Encounters Shooting Incident
LOS ANGELES ( A bizarre shooting incident wreaked havoc on Tuesday at the Gardena High School after a teenager shot people in the school campus.
San Jose Police Arrests Two Bank Robbers
SAN JOSE ( Reports from some of the most reliable sources say that a bank teller is facing hard times in the custody of the police for permitting a bank robbery in his branch in San Jose.
Barbie Doll Issues Threat
SAN FRANCISCO ( The Barbie doll which is a big asset for all the little girls is having its tryst with the law after FBI issued out warning notices with regard to the latest "Barbie Video Girl".
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