Brittany Mae Smith Missing

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ROANOKE ( Brittany Mae Smith, a 12 year old Virginia girl has been missing from her home from several days, the law enforcement officials said on Tuesday. The authorities have issued an Amber Alert as they continue to search for the missing girl who is believed to be with a 32 year old man Jeffrey Scott Easley. The authorities said that her mother was found dead inside their home and police suspect that it is a possible case of homicide.

The law enforcement officials are still searching for Brittany Mae Smith and the Chief officer of Roanoke County, Ray Lavinder said that they are concerned about the 12 year old girl’s safety. He said that the police officers assume that the missing girl is with Jeffrey Scott Easley. However, the police can not confirm about the exact situation. Moreover, it is still not known if Brittany Mae Smith went with that willingly. However, police thinks that the missing girl might be in extreme danger. Ray Lavinder said that Jeffrey Scott Easley was a friend of their family who moved in with Tina Smith and her daughter this October. Police says that they would want the girl to contact her and let them know where she is. Ray Lavinder also said that they also want Brittany Mae Smith to be back home safely.

The Police chief told the local media that they got to know that Tina Smith is dead when they found out that the woman failed to go to her work. After investigation, the police found out that Brittany Mae Smith also did not go to school for few days. Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller said that they have opened a homicide investigation for this case.

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