VARANASI - Faith emerged victorious over terror as devotees converged along the banks of the Ganga to perform prayers amid heavy security arrangements Wednesday morning, a day after a blast rocked this holy city, killing a two-year-old girl.
MUMBAI - The e-mail sent by terror group Indian Mujahideen claiming responsibility for the blast at Varanasi Tuesday has been traced to Mumbai's northern suburb of Malad, police sources said.
NEW DELHI - Slovakian Brano Gege, a first time visitor to Varanasi, had been enjoying the Ganga 'aarti' on the ghats of the ancient city, where he had been staying for the last two nights. Instead, he became a witness to a terror attack.
VARANASI/NEW DELHI - A small girl was killed and over 20 people, including a few foreigners, were injured when a bomb exploded on the banks of the Ganga during Tuesday evening's 'maha aarti' watched by hundreds and sparked off a stampede, authorities and witnesses said. Terror group Indian Mujahideen, in an e-mail, claimed responsibility for the blast.
NEW DELHI - Terror group Indian Mujahideen Tuesday owned responsibility for a bomb explosion in Varanasi that killed a small girl and left 20 injured, saying it was to avenge the 1992 demolition of Ayodhya's Babri Masjid.
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