IM e-mail tracked to Mumbai: Police sources

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

MUMBAI - The e-mail sent by terror group Indian Mujahideen claiming responsibility for the blast at Varanasi Tuesday has been traced to Mumbai’s northern suburb of Malad, police sources said.

Several search teams were rushed to Malad to track the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the e-mail in which the group said the attack was to avenge the 1992 demolition of Ayodhya’s Babri Masjid.

Mumbai police, however, refused to officially confirm the development. “Our investigations on the matter are on but we cannot confirm the development right now,” Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjeev Dayal told IANS.

“We have, however, declared a high alert in Mumbai,” he added.

A two-year-old girl was killed and over 20 people, including a few foreigners, were injured when a bomb exploded on the banks of the Ganga during Tuesday evening’s ‘maha aarti’ watched by hundreds.

In an e-mail to media houses soon after the blast, the Indian Mujahideen said: “Indian Mujahideen attribute(s) this attack to the 6th of December that will haunt your nation of world’s greatest demoNcracy’ until Muslims are paid back justly and fairly for the loss of their beloved Babri Masjid, the precious lives of their near and dear ones, their pride, dignity and self-respect.”

The mail was sent from an e-mail ID

In New Delhi, the home ministry said it was verifying the authenticity of the e-mail.

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