Wikileaks: ISI untrustworthy, Saudi officials told Holbrooke

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ISLAMABAD - Saudi Arabian intelligence officials considered Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) “untrustworthy” and “thought 10 times before sharing any sensitive information with them”, a Pakistani daily reported Tuesday, quoting an American diplomatic cable released by Wikileaks.

In a meeting with US Special Representative Richard Holbrooke May 16, 2009, Saudi Arabian intelligence’s Major General Khalid al-Hamadan said they had to think a lot before deciding to share with the ISI any information related to terrorist activity, reported the Urdu daily Jasarat.

Several terrorists, arrested in the kingdom, had been found to have links to Pakistan, but the Saudi intelligence agencies had never got any “sufficient” response about them from the ISI, al Hamadan said.

According to another leaked cable, on a meeting between US Vice President Joe Biden and then British Prime Minister Gordon Brown March 27, 2009, Brown said it was difficult to convince Pakistan to crack down more firmly on terror.

He also questioned the strength of Pakistan President Asaf Ali Zadari’s resolve, and told Biden army chief General Parvez Kayani was wary of both Zardari and the Sharif brothers (former prime minister Nawaz and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaaz).

According to Brown, the spread of terrorism could not only be attributed to the madarsas but Gen Kayani’s unwillingness to follow his predecessor, Gen Pervez Musharraf’s footsteps.

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