Jenni-Lyn Watson’s Body Found

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Sunday, November 28, 2010

CLAY ( The law enforcement officials at last found the body of Jenni-Lyn Watson, the missing New York girl, who disappeared from her home on November 19. The law enforcement officials of Onodanga said that they found a body near Clay Central Park in North Syracuse where they have been searching for the missing student. The police believes that the body is Jenni Lyn Watson’s. William Fitzpatrick, Onondaga County District Attorney said that Steven Pieper, who is Jenni-Lyn Watson’s ex-boyfriend has been arrested on the charge of second degree murder in the death of the New York girl.

Steven Pieper appeared on court on Saturday and he has pleaded not guilty to killing Jenni Lyn Watson and then dumping her body. The prosecutor said that Steven Pieper was held without bail. However, the media could not say if he had any lawyer. Though police has arrested Jenni-Lyn Watson’s ex-boyfriend, the officials are still not sure if the body belongs to the missing girl. The law enforcement officials said that Steven Pieper was interviewed twice where he denied all the charges against him. William Fitzpatrick said that Jenni-Lyn Watson and Steven Pieper dated for 18 months and then the former wanted to break up. However, Steven Pieper did not take the matter lightly. The police said that Steven Pieper visited her home on Friday morning.

Undersheriff Warren Darby said that the search team gave priority to the Clay Central Park area after they received a clue from Jenni-Lyn Watson’s cell phone. The police said that after killing her. the culprit tried to conceal Jenni-Lyn Watson’s body, however, it was not buried properly. The search team said that they found no sign of struggle or no blood on the scene.

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