Ethnic Albanian man arrested in Kosovo on terrorism charges following US extradition request

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kosovo Albanian arrested on US terrorism charges

PRISTINA, Kosovo — Kosovo police on Thursday arrested an ethnic Albanian man suspected of having supported a planned terrorist attack in North Carolina, they said Thursday.

The man, in his 30s, was arrested following an extradition request from the United States, police said. They did not identify him.

A police statement said the man faces charges in North Carolina of providing material support to terrorists, support for terrorism and conspiracy to kill, kidnap, maim, or injure persons or damage property.

Kosovo police said the arrest and a search of the man’s home were authorized by a judge with the European Union’s Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo — known as EULEX.

Police spokesman Baki Kelani said they only had executed the arrest warrant and everything else was handled at the diplomatic level between both countries and EULEX. He did not give any other details.

Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008, and is recognized by about 70 countries, including the U.S. and most of the European Union countries.

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