Alleged Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout files new appeal against extradition to US

Viktor Bout files new appeal against extradition

2 men arrested in Romania for allegedly taking pornographic photos of children

2 men arrested in Romania over child pornography

Thai government will decide ‘Merchant of Death’s’ fate, weighing ties with US and Russia

Thai government will decide Viktor Bout’s fate

US security adviser says nations must work better together to fight international crimes

US, Russia must work to combat international crime

Thai court drops 2nd case against reputed Russian arms smuggler, clears way for US extradition

Thai court clears way for Viktor Bout extradition

Thai court drops second case against Viktor Bout, clearing way for US extradition

Thai court drops case against Viktor Bout

BANGKOK — A Thai court ruled Tuesday to dismiss a new trial against alleged Russian arms smuggler Viktor Bout, removing a key legal obstacle to his long-awaited extradition to the United States.

Extradition to US of reputed Russian arms smuggler stalled by Thai court ruling

Viktor Bout extradition stalled by Thai ruling

Reputed Russian arms smuggler in Thai court for crucial hearing as US awaits extradition

Viktor Bout wears flak jacket to Bangkok court

Preliminary Bosnian election results show ethnic divisions perpetuated

Preliminary results show Bosnians divided on vote

Bosnian elections likely to perpetuate ethnic divisions on country’s future

Split or united? Bosnians divided as they vote

FBI says cyber-thieves who stole $70M caught with help from Ukraine, Netherlands, UK

FBI says cyber-thieves stole $70 million

WASHINGTON — The FBI and law enforcement agencies in Ukraine, the Netherlands and Britain are tracking down international cyber criminals who stole $70 million by using malware that captured passwords and account numbers to log onto online bank accounts.

Former Albanian government aide charged in NY with murder to be extradited to US

Albanian to be extradited to US for crimes in NY

AP Interview: Russian arms researcher says he wishes more had been freed in dramatic spy deal

AP Interview: Russian haunted by role in spy swap

AP Interview: Russian arms researcher tells AP he wishes more were freed in dramatic spy deal

AP Interview: Russian haunted by role in spy swap

Serb accused of attack on NY college student pleads guilty as part of plea bargain

Serb pleads guilty in NY student beating case

Russia turns over a further 20 files on the 1940 Katyn massacre to Poland

Russia gives Poland more Katyn massacre files

Romanian detained over a $3 million cyber fraud against eBay Inc.

Romanian detained over eBay cyber fraud

BUCHAREST, Romania — Romanian authorities have detained a man suspected of committing cyber fraud worth $3 million against the company eBay Inc.

Polish prosecutors open probe into alleged CIA prison treatment of Saudi suspect in Poland

Polish prosecutors to probe CIA prison acts

British author who denies Holocaust touring Nazi sites in Poland

Holocaust denier tours Nazi sites in Poland

US sees closer NATO-Russia ties on Afghan war, missile defense, anti-drug and piracy effort

US expects closer ties Russia-NATO ties

NEW YORK — A planned summit between NATO leaders and Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev will significantly boost cooperation in on the Afghan war, missile defense and fighting drug trafficking and piracy, a senior U.S. official said Tuesday.

APNewsBreak: Terror suspect’s lawyers demand probe of his treatment at ex-CIA site in Poland

APNewsBreak: Poles urged to probe CIA prison acts

War crimes prosecutor urges EU to keep up pressure on Serbia to arrest Ratko Mladic

War crimes prosecutor: Keep pressure on Serbia

Radical Islam on rise in Balkans, raising fears of security threat to Europe

Radical Islam on rise in Balkans

SKOPJE, Macedonia — An online music video praising Osama bin Laden has driven home a troubling new reality: A radical brand of Islam embraced by al-Qaida and the Taliban is gaining a foothold in the Balkans.

AP Interview: Freed Chechen says Polish ruling backs Europe’s rejection of Russian charges

AP Interview: Chechen hails Polish court decision

Polish court orders Chechen separatist leader Zakayev released pending extradition proceedings

Poland: Court releases Chechen separatist leader

Chechen separatist Zakayev wanted in Russia arrested while attending conference in Poland

Chechen separatist Zakayev arrested in Poland

Chechen separatist arrested in Warsaw on international warrant

Chechen separatist arrested in Poland

WARSAW, Poland — Police in Poland say senior Chechen separatist Akhmed Zakayev who is wanted by Russia has been arrested on an international warrant.

US disappointed by light sentence for Serbian accused in assault of NY student

US unhappy with plea in Serbian assault case

Russian investigators launch criminal probe into alleged misspending on Vancouver Olympics

Russia probes spending on Vancouver Games

MOSCOW — Russia’s top investigative body opened a criminal probe Wednesday into alleged misspending of millions of dollars on preparations for the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Plea bargain announced in case of Serb accused of attack on NY college student

Plea bargain announced in NY student beating case

Former Polish PM denies existence of secret CIA prison in the country

Former Polish PM denies existence of CIA prison

Plea bargain expected in case of Serb accused of attack on NY college student

Plea bargain expected in NY student’s beating case

Russian Yury Fedotov is new UN drugs and crime czar, pledges to focus on public health

New UN drugs czar from Russia takes office

Kosovo: French Gendarme wounded in ethnic clash sparked by Turkey’s basketball win over Serbia

Kosovo: French Gendarme injured in Kosovo clash

Serbian prosecutor charges 9 ex-troops for allegedly killing civilians during Kosovo war

Serbia charges 9 ex-troops with Kosovo war crimes

Summary Box: US investigators widen probe of alleged HP kickbacks

Summary Box: US widens probe in HP bribery case

US investigators widen probe of alleged HP kickbacks to Russian authorities

US widens probe of HP bribery allegations

NEW YORK — U.S. investigators have widened their probe of alleged kickbacks paid to Russian authorities by employees of a Hewlett-Packard Co. subsidiary in Germany.

Federal jury convicts Islamic charity co-founder on tax, false return charges

Islamic charity co-founder convicted on tax charge

Cuban dissident says Fidel Castro should be tried by an international tribunal

Cuban dissident: Castro should be tried

WARSAW, Poland — Fidel Castro should face an international tribunal for alleged crimes against his own people, a recently released Cuban dissident said Thursday.

2 kidnapped Russian sailors released after a month in captivity in Nigeria’s oil-rich delta

Nigeria: 2 kidnapped Russian sailors released

Contrasting views of Ore. Islamic charity founder offered in closing arguments

Ore. Islamic charity trial goes to jury

EUGENE, Ore. — As the trial of a man accused of using an Oregon Islamic charity to smuggle money to Muslim fighters in Chechnya draws to a close, both sides have told federal court jurors their job is to determine the man’s intent when he failed to disclose about $150,000 that an associate took to Saudi Arabia.

Case of man accused of using Islamic charity to smuggle cash to fighters goes to Ore. jury

Islamic charity trial goes to Oregon jury

EUGENE, Ore. — A jury will have to determine whether a man’s failure to disclose $150,000 on federal tax forms was an effort to smuggle money to Muslim fighters in Chechnya or just an oversight by an accountant.

Former Polish president denies knowledge of CIA site and harsh treatment of terror suspect

Former Polish leader denies knowledge of CIA site

AP sources: Former FBI translator implicated in CIA interrogation abuse at secret Polish jail

AP sources: Former FBI man implicated in CIA abuse

Official: Mass grave of 700 killed by antifascists after World War II discovered in Slovenia

WWII-era mass grave discovered in Slovenia

Bosnian police believe they have located a girl filmed hurling puppies into a river

Bosnian police track down suspected puppy killer

Judges warn slow pace of Karadzic genocide trial could spell 2 years extra, verdict in 2014

Judges: Karadzic trial could take extra 2 years

Suspected Russian arms dealer’s extradition from Thailand to US delayed

Suspected arms dealer’s extradition to US delayed

Slovakia observes day of mourning after shooting spree that left 8 dead

Slovaks observe day of mourning after mass killing

Serbia authorities say $256 million in property confiscated from organized crime bosses

Serbia confiscates $256 million of crime property