NYPD: 8-year-old boy found dead, mother near death in room at luxury Manhattan hotel

By Tom Hays, AP
Friday, February 5, 2010

Police: Boy found dead in luxury Manhattan hotel

NEW YORK — New York City police say a Belgian woman suspected of killing her 8-year-old son at a luxury Manhattan hotel and then trying to commit suicide made statements implicating herself in the crime.

Police spokesman Paul Browne says 49-year-old Gigi Jordan made the statements after the alleged murder-suicide attempt.

Police say Jude Michael Mirra was found Friday lying face-up on the bed in a room at the five-star Peninsula Hotel with his divorced mother slumped on the floor nearby. Prescription medicines and papers were strewn about the room.

Browne says an apparent suicide note was found.

Police say Jordan’s relatives contacted police Friday, saying they feared the child was in danger. Police went to her Central Park apartment building and then to the hotel.

Jordan was hospitalized in stable condition.

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