Mexican Pirates Behind David Hartley Killing?

By Arnab Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Friday, October 8, 2010

TEXAS ( The Mexican authorities have said that the search has been stepped up for tracing the dead body of a US tourist who was shot and murdered by unidentified Mexican pirates. The wife of the person is alive but the corpse of her husband is yet to be traced. As anyone can understand the lady, Tiffany Hartley is extremely distressed. She told the authorities how the Mexican pirates shot her spouse David Hartley dead after chasing them with speedboats on Falcon Lake. The incident had taken place on Sep 30th.

The Mexican officials have said that a lot of people are searching for the body of David Hartley using speedboats, choppers and other boats in the lake on the border of Mexico. However, some of the locals are suspecting that there are some loopholes in the account narrated by the widow. The lake is very long and incidents of homicide dubbed as murder by pirates have been heard earlier in the place. This lake has earned a bad name for being the hot bed of illegal smuggling along the borders.

The lady has said in her version that the Mexican pirates followed them when the couple was returning from the Mexican side of the Falcon Lake. They were driving Jet skis which have also vanished from the site of the murder. Aaron Pena the Texas state legislator said that the pirates could have taken away the body of David Hartley. The couple reportedly ignored the warning about the pirates and went to the Mexican side of the lake to see a submerged church.

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