Third most-wanted Nazi suspect charged in Germany with helping to kill 430,000 Jews at camp

By Kirsten Grieshaber, AP
Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Third most-wanted Nazi suspect charged in Germany

BERLIN — The world’s third most-wanted Nazi suspect, who lived undisturbed for decades after World War II, has been charged in Germany with participating in the murder of 430,000 Jews while serving as a low-ranking guard at a death camp.

Samuel Kunz, 88, had long been ignored by the German justice system, partly because of a lack of interest in going after relatively minor Nazi figures. But in the past 10 years, a younger generation of prosecutors has sought to bring all surviving suspects to justice.

Authorities recently stumbled over Kunz’s case as they were studying old documents from German post-wars trials about an SS training camp named Trawniki. The papers were being reviewed in connection with the trial of John Demjanjuk, the 90-year-old retired autoworker on trial in Munich for allegedly serving as a guard at the infamous Sobibor camp.

Kunz was named the No. 3 suspect in April by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. He ranked fairly low in the Nazi hierarchy, but he was among the most-wanted suspects because of the large number of Jews he is accused of helping to kill.

Kunz had been living quietly at his home near the western city of Bonn. He received a letter last week saying he had been charged with three different cases of participating in the murder of Jews, authorities said.

He allegedly served as a guard at the Belzec camp in occupied Poland from January 1942 to July 1943.

In addition to those charges, he is accused of fatally shooting 10 Jews in two other incidents related to unspecified “personal excesses,” prosecutor Christoph Goeke told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Prosecutors allege both Kunz and the Ukrainian-born Demjanjuk, who was deported to Germany from the U.S. last year, trained as guards at Trawniki. In the 1960s, Kunz testified about his time there in a different trial, but he was never indicted himself.

Reached by phone at his home, Kunz said he did not want to talk about the allegations against him and hung up.

Kunz was not detained because officials who interviewed him did not believe he would try to flee, a person familiar with the case said. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to reveal details of the investigation.

At the top of the Wiesenthal Center list of most-wanted Nazis is Sandor Kepiro, a former Hungarian gendarmerie officer accused of involvement in the deaths of 1,200 civilians in Serbia. He was questioned in September by prosecutors in Budapest, where he lives across the street from a synagogue.

Second on the list is Milivoj Asner, who served as police chief in Croatia during the war. He now lives in Austria, which has refused to extradite him to Croatia on medical grounds.

Kunz’s case has been sent to the state court in Bonn, where officials were considering whether to hold a trial — a standard procedural step in Germany, Goeke said from Dortmund.

A spokesman for the Bonn court declined to comment on the matter.

Efraim Zuroff, the top Nazi hunter at the Wiesenthal Center, said Kunz participated in the so-called Operation Reinhard to wipe out Polish Jews.

The indictment “is a very positive development,” Zuroff told the AP from Jerusalem. “It reflects recent changes in the German prosecution policy, which have significantly enlarged the number of suspects who will be brought to justice.”

Kunz, an ethnic German, was born in August 1921 on Russia’s Volga River. As a soldier with the Red Army during World War II, he was captured by the Germans and given the choice of either staying at the Chelm prisoner of war camp or cooperating with the Nazis, according to Klaus Hillenbrand, an expert who has written several books on the Nazi period.

Kunz agreed to work with the Nazis and, after he was trained at Trawniki, was transferred to Belzec where he served as a camp guard, Hillenbrand said.

After the war, he moved to Bonn, worked for many years at a federal ministry and was granted German citizenship.

After several German media outlets recently reported Kunz’s alleged Nazi past in connection with the Demjanjuk trial, the Dortmund prosecutor’s office started an investigation into the allegations, Hillenbrand said.

Despite a recent push by prosecutors to bring charges against Nazi suspects, their efforts often come too late.

Former Nazi SS Capt. Erich Steidtmann died Sunday from a heart attack at his home in Hannover. He had been investigated several times, including for alleged involvement in killings at the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943, but authorities never had sufficient proof to charge him.

Adolf Storms, a 90-year-old former SS sergeant who was No. 4 on the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s list of most-wanted Nazi war crimes suspects, died earlier this month before he could be brought to trial.

Prosecutors were investigating Storms in connection with 58 counts of murder for his alleged involvement in a massacre of Jewish forced laborers in a forest near the Austrian village of Deutsch Schuetzen.


david vallaire
July 28, 2010: 5:21 pm

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i’ve been sending this out. more nazi’s. read below.

one if by land, two if by sea, email if they are already there
Please read and forward if you are an American.

I sent this to the FBI and numerous Senators twenty-eight days ago.
I sent this to Oregon twenty-seven days ago.
I sent this to Idaho twenty-six days ago.
I sent this to Montana twenty-fivedays ago.
I sent this to Utah twenty-four days ago.
I sent this to Nebraska twenty-three days ago .
I sent this to Arizona twenty-two days ago.
I sent this to Wyoming twenty-one days ago.
I sent this to North Dakota twenty days ago.
I sent this to South Dakota ninteen days ago.
I sent this to Kansas eighteen days ago.
I sent this to Missouri seventeen days ago.
I sent this to Illinois sixteen days ago.
I sent this to Kentucky fifteen days ago.
I sent this to Tennessee fourteen days ago.
I sent this to Georgia thirteen days ago.
I sent this to North Carolina ten days.

I sent this to Hawaii nine days ago.

I sent this to Maine seven days ago.

I sent this to Michigan six days ago.

I sent this to New Hampshire five days ago.

I sent this to Vermont four days ago.

I sent this to Rhode Island three days ago.

paying 1 mil to get into the u.s. thru Dover

People pay 1 million dollars apiece to come into the u.s. through the u.s. base at Dover. Once they reach Dover

they are given a New York drivers license, a social security card, a birth certificate from a New York hospital, and a U.S. passport from the U.S. passport office.

Leonard Berins, an attorney in New Orleans told me his parents paid that to get him and his brother into the u.s. and they all received

these documents. Berins told me he came as a boy from West Germany. from Dusseldorf That they took the name Berins because it was Russian but

he says he tells people he’s Jewish. He told me the synagogues in Germany are not allowed because they were nothing but

places for people to gather to plan crimes. he told me he can’t understand why the u.s. allows them because that is what

they are in the u.s.. they don’t plan crimes there. they meet there engage in some rituals then go to someone house and plan crimes

and have sex parties. that’s why the have synagogue on Saturday. as in Saturday night.

Berins told me he paid for his law license and people like him pay for their medical degrees. none go to law school or medical school.

Berins told me he killed an attorney to get his law practice.

Berins also told me that he got a call from the West German government. they told him they just wanted to know if he was

alive. that they did not care that he paid to get into the u.s. he said the West German government told him they didn’t care if the

u.s. didn’t know who was in their country. Berins said the West German government KNOWS who is in their country. and too bad for the U.S.

berins also said that in west Germany if they find people like him the West Germans kill them. period.

Hillary Clinton was a senator from New York. She made a statement recently about how terrible it would be

to stop people with “accents”. people like Leonard Berins. So she must know about this. give her a lie detector test. the people who support illegal immigration do so to conceal this murderous, criminal plot, secret.

Why else?

Latino groups-what does this mean? Latino is a term first used by Che Guevara to describe all the people of Latin America in a political context. Latinoland would be all of South America. A Latino is Latin American nationalist. an American is an united states nationalist. One can’t be a Latino and an American.
this is an attack on the united states thru infiltration and manipulation in the media.

GDP # 8 United States: $44,155.00 per capita 2006

GDP South American countries combined
is in excess of $67,000.00 per capita. Almost double the United States.

Mexico has the same GDP per person as does Russia.
South America is not poor. this is the age old refugee scam. a different version of the Trojan Horse.

dos equis ad in los angeles-billboard on 3rd st. near Koreatown-
Saturday July 10, 2010.

cheating is only in good taste if it involves death.

Notice the media influence. a deadly influence.


America these people are “pulling a Switzerland” on us.

we americans are horrible according to the pro-illegal immigration people(foreign invaders). we should all be replaced by non-americans. like switzerland. the got enough people in switzerland to be at least one to one. then they coordinated that the doors got knocked on at the same time. and killed the people in one day. all the swiss have been exterminted by people who should never have been in their country in the first place. this is the plan in the u.s.. They did it in Minnesota under Ronald Reagan.

Edward Boettner, i think this is his real name(app. age 57), and Michael Pons, I don’t think this is his real name,(app. age 57), while talking amongst themselves told me about a woman that Pons knew living near the Mercy Hospital in New Orleans. These two are two of the German children from the 1935 invasion. Pons told me others had told him to go by this woman’s house for sex. While there he said she did something, something, that is very hard to describe because it is so horrible. Boettner can be found in New Orleans. Pons is probably hiding overseas.

They talked about something child molesters do. While the man gives the baby a baby bottle the mother fellates the man then puts the baby in such a position that they man can go from woman’s mouth to baby’s mouth and alternates the baby bottle. This is how they make sex slaves in both men and women. As a matter of fact not only do these people associate the taste of the penis and the bottle. They said those that do this also place with their anus and get that associated with the sex and the taste of the penis.
Boettner talked that his father must have done that to him and his siblings, all girls. Boettner said he was having sex with his sister, against her will, she was then about about 17, an, also, the “little ones”. Pons said he had “made the rounds” in the house one night with Eddie Boettner’s FATHER.
Both Pons and Boettner said they both liked little boys. not grown men, but little boys.
I think one of those women’s children died. Boettner can tell you about her and Pons if you can find him.
Moon Landrieu was mayor of New Orleans and this kind of molestation was and is common in La., Ms, Ca. and other places. Moon is a German. Germans had sex with their kids both male and female. talk to them. In fact, this is the standard of behavior in the home of most Hollywood celebrities. I had one of these German girls tell me at 15 how her father would make her and her sisters(2 older, one younger) come into their parents bedroom at bedtime to say goodnight. Then the sex training starts.

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—————————— —————————— ——————–

Many Hollywood celebrities like Steven Spielberg are the children of Germans who illegally entered the country in the late 1920’s to 1930’s(un-documeted).

Someone told me that Spielberg’s grandfather was a member of the German SS. He is not the only one in Hollywood. i was told

by a teacher that William Paley is really a German or German Jew, who impersonated a Russian Jew in order to get into the U.S. and

pretend not to be German. Many had taken the i.d.’s of non-German and/or non-Jewish people. Spielberg may be one of the many in the U.S. who are really Germans who stole the identity of Jews who were murdered in the concentration camps. infiltration by germany started

in the late 1800’s after the fighting men of America had been decimated by the Civil War.

Nimoy was born in Boston, Massachusetts, to Yiddish-speaking Orthodox Jewish immigrants from Iziaslav, Ukraine

He(glenn beck) is descended from German immigrants who came to the United States in the 1800s.

Boxer was born Barbara Levy in Brooklyn, New York to Jewish parents Sophie (née Silvershein; born in Austria) and Ira Levy.

Robert Wagner was the son of a Detroit steel executive. When his family moved to Los Angeles, his original interest in becoming a businessman was replaced by a fascination with the film industry. Thanks to his father’s connections, he was able to make regular visits to the big studios.

Milton Berle- on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Carson asked Berle where he was from. Berle said(as close as i can remember) Johnny, you can get killed in this town asking where someone is from. Berle said something about the Nazi’s took over and Americans don’t even know it. Carson thought this was strange for him to say that. they went on and Johnny said to the tv audience, if i wind up dead talk to Milton Berle. see if you can find a copy of that show. it won’t be easy I don’t think. In fact Berle went on in some detail about this and i think came back on the show and added more detail.

Dick Van Dyke’s start in television was with WDSU-TV New Orleans Channel 6 (NBC), first as a single comedian and later as emcee of a comedy program. Van Dyke talked of the 1935 invasion on the Carson show as did George Burns when he did the movie “Oh, God”. If I remember right Johnny said Carter was President, Van Dyke said Hoover was FBI director, and I checked and in 1976 George Herbert Walker Bush was the CIA director.

(Woody)Allen was born and raised in New York City, the son of Nettie (née Cherrie; November 8, 1906 – January 27, 2002), a bookkeeper at her family’s delicatessen, and Martin Konigsberg (December 25, 1900 – January 13, 2001), a jewelry engraver and waiter.[2] His family was Jewish and his grandparents were Yiddish- and German-speaking immigrants;[3] his parents were both born and raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.[3] Allen has a sister, Letty (born 1943), and was raised in Midwood, Brooklyn

All un-documented.

What is the real name of Jay Leno? Not his stage name. Who is Jay Leno really. Italian? or German, maybe Jewish-German, maybe just Jewish. DeNiro, Michaels, Scorecese, Ellen DeGeneres, Dick Gregory(meet the press), Lorne Michaels, etc, etc, etc…. DNA tests will tell if people pretending to be other than German or Jewish are really another nationality or race no matter what anyone may say. this goes back to Michael Landon and even before that if you look. the pattern is the same decade after decade.

“All persons, born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States.”

“born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof” means one of your parents have to be an American for the child to have a right to citizesship. You can only be “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” of a county is if you are a citizen. Citizens of foreign countries in the u.s. are “subject to the jurisdiction” of the countries of which they are citizens. You can’t be “subject the the jurisdiction” of a country that you are not a citizens of because you’re not a citizen. This is what the citizenship clause says, this is what they meant, and you can go look at the Congressional record from the discussion when the law was passed for verification. the reason other things are happening, see below.

I spoke with a Jody Warschauer from Metaire, La. when I was about 15. She was upset and said a lot of things that I only now understand. She said in essence her family came into the country illegally in 1935(the date i found out) in New Orleans to escape from Germany. Officials in the U.S. were paid off to let them in after they took care of(murdered) the American population that objected. She went on to say she was told when they came off the ships they saw stacks of dead bodies, men, women, children, babies. These stacks of dead bodies were the remains Creole civilization. They were exterminated. The Creoles understood the citizenship law and did not want people coming into the country, making it whatever they wanted to make it. The had let some of the Jewish people in like Morris Kirschman. It is my understanding that Morris helped sell out the Creoles, the people who had saved his life. You can find one of his grandson’s in New Orleans, Richard Kirschman. My understanding is the Creoles were aware of these people and trying to find someplace for them to go when they were murdered. Finally, Morris Kircshman was probably not Morris Kirschman but a German SS officer who killed Morris Kirschman before leaving Germany so he could pretend to be a Jew seeking asylum.

My father told me that the doctor I was forced to go to, a Dr. Phillips, was another one of those people like the Warhshauer’s, however, my dad said his parents were from South America(Venezuela, I think) and took over the identity of a Dr. Phillips who was one of the Creoles. Also, the German Jews and the people with them took the identity of Americans they killed all with non-Jewish names. So today we have generations of people in the U.S. who are really German Jews pretending to be ordinary Americans with non-Jewish names who support Israel ,illegal immigration,identity theft, drug smuggling, slave labor, child prostitution, and who knows what else. It makes things look like these movements are grass roots movements and not the result of an invasion by Germans in 1935. The Jewish movement to the U.S. started in the late 20’s(probaby in the late 1800’s as Gemany became interested in America when there was something there to take), these spies helped in the invasion. Some of these spies spread anthrax to horses being shipped to Germany during WW I and were not revealed to the people of the u.s. after WW I, so these spies helped with information and assistance when the 1935 invasion came. Sleeper cells in the u.s. and still trying to revive the 4th Reich, as crazy as that sounds; and make no mistake about it these people today are crazy.
The Business Plot (also the Plot Against FDR and the White House Putsch) was a supposed political conspiracy in 1933. Retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler claimed that wealthy businessmen were plotting to create a fascist veterans’ organization and use it in a coup d’état to overthrow United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt, with Butler as leader of that organization. In 1934 Butler testified to the McCormack-Dickstein Congressional committee on these claims.[1] In the opinion of the committee, these allegations were credible. One of the purported plotters, Gerald MacGuire, vehemently denied any such plot. In their report, the Congressional committee stated that it was able to confirm Butler’s statements other than the proposal from MacGuire which it considered more or less confirmed by MacGuire’s European reports.[2] No one was prosecuted.
“While historians have questioned whether or not a coup was actually close to execution, most agree that some sort of “wild scheme” was contemplated and discussed.[3][4][5][6][7] Contemporaneous media initially dismissed the plot, with a New York Times editorial characterizing it as a “gigantic hoax”.[8] When the committee’s final report was released, the Times said the committee “purported to report that a two-month investigation had convinced it that General Butler’s story of a Fascist march on Washington was alarmingly true” and “It also alleged that definite proof had been found that the much publicized Fascist march on Washington, which was to have been led by Major. Gen. Smedley D. Butler, retired, according to testimony at a hearing, was actually contemplated”.[9]“https://en. Plot
“This is how the BBC website describes the program: “The coup was aimed at toppling President Franklin D Roosevelt with the help of half-a-million war veterans. The plotters, who were alleged to involve some of the most famous families in America, (owners of Heinz, Birds Eye, Goodtea, Maxwell Hse & George Bush’s Grandfather, Prescott) believed that their country should adopt the policies of Hitler and Mussolini to beat the great depression.” https:// index.php?showtopic=10560

This is the beginning of wholesale identity theft and where people realized in the later decades how easy it was to get away with identity theft and many of these people who came in illegally are probably involved in it today. We have had and currently have judges(check U.S. Supreme Court), lawyers, senators, mayors, etc. who are non-American citizens.
And not just non-American citizens but people who see themselves as non-American citizens and so do things that hurt real Americans.
I believe Jody said that as many as a million Jewish people came to the U.S. illegally by murdering American citizens and taking their property and, in some cases, their identity. Also the cover up continues TODAY as people are still being murdered when they find out too much about what went on in 1935. My understanding is that this event in 1935 is well known in the Jewish community nationwide as they helped plan arrival of those Jews. However, there are Catholics involved as well as other groups, however, it would appear that it was predominately Jewish people who came in at that time. After the slaughter in New Orleans as the Germans had hidden everything they needed hidden below decks( the info in this sentence is gotten from Mrs. Ellis, talked about later) in hidden compartments. they had to take half the boat apart to get to grenades, bazookas, German luegers, etc.. This was a German invasion that was entirely comprised of people raised in the Hitler Youth(or groups like them) pretending to be persecuted Jews and trained to invade America from childhood. Many were Jewish as well as German. The number of Americans they killed in American was about the number that arrived in the invasion that way census records would show nothing. The number of Jewish people killed in Germany is probably the people whose identities the invading Germans stole. The children with them they just grabbed but some had kids of their own that came with them. Boat after boat, after GERMAN boat went right up the Mississippi River unloading Germans.
My understanding is they brought lots of people illegally through New Orleans in the years after 1935, but that the entry point switched to New York and California later, since it was easier to bring them in and hide them. The air base at Dover is used for people who have lots of money. So it would stand to reason that other people in the U.S. were murdered in 1935 in other parts of the country to allow this profitable human smuggling to become a national network. A network that we can see the results of today.
American children are now being kept as sex slaves in various countries including Korea(a serviceman I met said one begged him to help her) and South America.
Germans and Jews, evidently historically, like to have sex with children. in fact this is what the master race really meant. For instance, all the German officers had sex with one another including Hitler. All members of a “good” German family would have sex with one another including father-son, father-daugther, brother-daughter, mother-son, etc. then they would have sex with other German families and this made them the master race. Its something like that. the pure Arayan thing is confusing. if they wanted everyone to be blue eyed blondes they would have been killing everyone else but blue eyed blondes. Hitler was no a blue eyed blond. The molestation of American children is the result of these people taking control of the u.s., like manipulating foster care, schools, churches(like the catholic church among others).
In New Orleans in the early 1900’s homosexuality was a hanging offense. Not because they hated homosexuals but because it was the only way to stop them from molesting children. Men would drift into town to molest kids and then go to the next town even before the invasion of 1935. If one of these men were suspected of molesting a little boy they would make him stay in town and see if the little boy started acting like the homosexual(personality characteristics like a certain laugh or pattern of behavior). If that happened they would take the man out and hang him in front of the little boy and make sure everyone understood if you molest children we will kill you. They had a sign up to that effect in the city of New Orleans. The Creole’s told homosexuals if you want to have anal sex go to the barn. Why do it to people since its a certain part of the body that people and animals have so why molest kids. Because they can’t help themselves and need to be identified and kept away from children. All the male homosexuals today exist because they were molested as children. The German men according to a number of their daughters and the sons who have talked about it around me make this point. The father can make the daughter have an orgasam better than anyone and they use this to manipulate the daughter to have sex with their male friends. that way that father can have sex with other young women. They swap daughters, sons, etc. These daughters cannot refuse their fathers and continue to have sex with them until they die. The daughters even let their fathers molest their kids. they have been trained since babies to do this and can’t help themselves. Some of these men who kill their whole famalies and then themselves. this is one of the reasons.

One of the German women told me she can tell when a woman has been having sex with their father in one way. If they suddently want to have kids when their father’s die. So they can have sex with their father again.
I remember one Academy Award winning actress saying, on national t.v., she wanted kids after her father died because they would at least be “25%” of her father in them. Guess why?

Yea, they made em have anal sex with animals in the barn. “You want to act like a beast go to the barn where the beasts are. here in the city, we’re people.” Beastiality does not refer to sex with animals it refers to sodomy, because it turns men into beasts. Someone changed the meaning of beasitility because they want to promote homosexuality. If the person did what the Creole’s said after a while they would get him a hot woman. had to find the right one but they actually cured some that way. If they ever had the urge the barn was always there. It would make them realize how disgusting and beastly their behavior was. even the beasts don’t sodomize one another. I guess this makes them better than people.
Look at retina detachement in relationship to children being sodomized, as well as other eye problems, such as macular degeneration. The bulging eye in men is a symtom of sodomy. this is one way to tell if someone has been anally raped.

I was also told that when American sericemen went off to war the hidden Jewish population in and around New York did in New York what they did in New Orleans in 1935, but they exterminated the Dutch Americans. Also servicemen returning home were targeted , identities stolen, and some of these German Jews went to college on the G.I. bill. This means Eisenhower was one of theirs. Nixon too. not John Kennedy though. see the difference.
The bunker Hitler was found in was a staged bunker to make it look like the German invasion had failed. Why didn’t the Vatican get looted by the Nazis’s? because they were religious? No, the Nazi’s became the Catholic church. this is why they keep molesting boys. they’re really not religious people they are Nazi’s who believe in having sex with children.
At the school i went to in New Orleans I had a teacher named Miss Ellis. When Adolph Eichman was captured she said in class that she was related to him. That she took the name Ellis because it started with an E. She said she came as a little girl. She said the children came off the boats when it was over, guns were put in their hands, and they shot some of the children. She said she was one of those children. She said if Eichman had come here they would never have found him and the people they really couldn’t find had come to the U.S. and assumed the identity of Americans they murdered. Another student in the class corrected her that she couldn’t be a child in 1935 as she was about 62. She commended Robert Ruello on his observation and said she shot women, the men shot men, and the children shot children.

I knew a David Bhein in New Orleans. Who told me some horrible things. He said he shouldn’t be in the country and that people were murdered for them to come in. He spoke about it with relish. He told me he was getting something I should get. It was a spot at a prestigious school for music. He laughed and said he can barely play the guitar, but he was getting it, like he got into the country at the expense of Americans. He laughed. Too bad for you. Jody used to tell me that too.He made it clear to me that he was German. Not an American whose parents came from Germany but a German. He also made it clear that Israel was created so they would have a place to go when American found out what the Jewish people were really up to in the U.S. like the mass murders they were involved in in 1935.
So now we have millions of children of these people illegally. People who support illegal immigration because they themselves are in the country illegally. The more people that come in illegally the more it covers up what happened in 1935. Control of America was lost in 1935. The dead in America cry out for justice. Kill babies? Rape and murder little boys and little girls? And and do this in front of their parents. Lined up the little boys to shoot them and tell them to stop crying like babies. That’s right. What monsters these people be.
Futhermore, Jody Warshauer told me, in her upsetness, that this whole business about the Jews being the chosen people is made up. That the Jews found the Torah, then she corrected herself and said they probably killed the people who wrote it and took it, like they did in America. She said they transcribed the Torah and made changes to it then destroyed the original. If this is true then that means that God’s people are out there still be hounded, doesn’t it? Why would a Jewish girl or boy lie to me about their religion?
You can find David Bhein, Jody Warshauer(maiden name), and many others involved in Israel today.
You can find workmanship of the Creoles, that was stolen, worldwide including New York, Israel, South Africa, Sicily etc., that includes Wood work, jewelry, etc. Also the Creoles had been saving GOLD for generations as they didn’t need money to survive. To survive you need food, shelter, etc. Money was secondary to life in the days of the Creoles so they had massive amounts of gold that were stolen. Anybody in the late 1930 who suddenly had money was one of these murderers.

this gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “coming out of the shadows” from people like Senator Diane Feinstein. all the illegal come together nazi’s kids and south americans(latinos). it scares the hell out of me. I believe that the phrase “coming out of the shadows” meant all those who support the overthrow of America to kill any American who they can who opposes the destruction of the u.s..

Who was being killed during WW II? Lots of Jews but lots of other people too, like any war. Why were Jews in countries outside Germany shipped to the concentration camps? So they could get their papers(and whatever else they owned) and masquerade as Jews from, say, Lithuania or Poland when they were really Germans soldiers and their families. The only Jews that were being let into the U.S. at that time were Russian Jews. The only way for Hitler and Germans to steal the identity of Russian Jews was to invade Russia to get them. Not only Jewish papers but Catholics, etc.-any group that could inflitrate and pretend to be a persecuted refugee.
If the Jews in Europe were mostly killed off who came to the U.S.? If they weren’t killed then who was killed in the camps? Did the millions of people killed including non-Jews also have their i.d.’s taken so Germans and German Jews could continue to infiltrate America. So today we have a German and Jewish population that is out of syc with how many should actually be in the U.S.. In other words if all or most of the Jews were killed during WW II why are their so many of them? Because most of them are Germans passing as Jews. Also Germans have blondes so the papers of people from Scandinavian countries would also be in demand. Germany invaded some of those. The Chatholic priests may have been infiltrated with Germans before WW II and if so still contol the Vatican. I think this logic also holds true for Switzerland. Why would the Germans not infiltrate Switerland since it was not an easy place to invade militarily? Why wasn’t Switerland and the Vatican looted? Because the Nazi’s took them over as fronts. Aslo, why don’t the the people of Swizterland speak Swiss.
The speak 4 languages French, Italian, Swiss German(in other words German), and Rumantsch(a mix of Italian and German).

The story I heard is that Joe Kennedy held a gun to FDR’s head to show him that he could be gotten too, in order to let in the Germans in N.O.. FDR said Long wouldn’t let them so they killed Long and invaded with the help of American industry. Many items common in America today were originally created by the Creole’s including Ivory soap, Coca-Cola, asphalt, many candy bars like snickers, o henry, zero, etc were all versions of candy made by the Creoles with the main change in the candy bars being the that the Creoles used cane sugar. I know a man who the Creole’s showed the Ivory soap to. The soap was named after a girl name Ivory because she was so beautiful(actually pure, Camay was because she was so beautiful).
She was raped and murdered in New Orleans in 1935 or taken, as some, as a slave, perhaps, even overseas.
I have been thinking about the conversations I had with Jody Warshauer and David Bhein. They both alluded to something that i have heard other Jewish people say, people like Gil Rubman who I worked with at Bennets Camera(originally from New York now in New Orleans) and Howard Weiss who I worked with at NCO Financial. This is what they were saying. If Israeli’s are from Israel then where are Jews from? Judea. Judea is not Israel. Why do Jews call themselves Jews instead of Israeli’s? Because they are not Israeli’s, they are Jews. They only call themselves Israeli’s if they become a citizen of Israel. Most Jews in the U.S. are Germans, that’s why they only call themselves Jews. They really don’t want people to know who they are.
Now since the Jewish people came to America and murdered, raped, tortured men, women, and children to get into the country, and since the Jewish people(comprised of Germans pretending to be Jews) came to the Middle East and murdered their way to a Jewish state; it would seem to make sense if you go backward in history you would see this same behavior, like, for instance, in Germany. Yes, the German people hated the Jews, not for their religion but for their behavior like when they came to New Orleans in 1935 and murdered, raped, tortured men, women, and children. What i have been told is that what happened in German was some kind of a civil war between Germans and Jews/German Jews, etc., but the details are far from clear considering the 1935 invasion that is still unkown to the American public.
What Jewish people did in New Orleans in 1935 was because they were good people? Did they become bad people on the voyage across the ocean? See how ridiculous that is. So the history of the Jews is very different from the history they invent. and it makes sense that the Jews murdered the Israelites and took what they had. What about the other Jewish people in the country who are not part of this? Well, actully, its hard for me or I think anyone to believe all Jewish people in the U.S. didn’t know this.
Furthermore, the term anti-Semetic is a cause for concern.
A Semite is “1. A member of a group of Semitic-speaking peoples of the Near East and northern Africa, including the Arabs, Arameans, Babylonians, Carthaginians, Ethiopians, Hebrews, and Phoenicians,” which includes many non-Jews. Why does being anti-Semitic mean being anti-Jewish. Where are people who are Semites, as a group, having people hate them. Nowhere. Anti-semitism is a propaganda term. It doesn’t mean what Jewish people claim it means. Why? When Jewish people say people are being anti-Semitic they mean anti Jewish they aren’t talking about anti Arabs,Arabs, Arameans, Babylonians, Carthaginians, Ethiopians, Hebrew and Phoenicians; they mean HEBREW ONLY. Their is no anti-Semitism(so me where there is anti-Semitism, not anti-Jewish but anti Semitism, but you can’t) but there is anti-Jewry so why do Jewish people say anti-Semitism as that’s not what they are really talking about. The want to confuse people.

The cover up involves the medical profession nationwide and even worldwide(this is what it took). The lobotomies that started in 1935(notice the date) were to shut people up. About anything. Freeman wasn’t particular. If they could get you in a facility, give you a lobotomy, you could never tell anyone what you really knew or even what happened to you.

Why were the Nazi’s unable to take Britain? otherwise we would not have gotten into the war. we were lured into the war as a diverersion so the Nazi infiltratiors could attack and murder U.S. servicemen and replace them with imposters as they came back.

People and things are going in and out of Dover illegally. Men and women are taken out of the u.s. as sex slaves and men and women are taken from other countries and brought into the u.s. as sex slaves through the base at Dover. People from the countries we went to war to like Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, can pay large amounts of money to come into the u.s. with fake i.d. provided by military people. Only one way to keep something like this quiet.
real quiet. certain places people go are so quiet people who know what that means, and leave and never go back. When places are too quiet its only for a bad reason. a real bad reason.

All of South America was taken over in the same 1935 invasion. i think Brazil may be the only country south of the U.S. border that is not secretly run by the Germans who took control of the ruling Mexican famalies in 1935.

Jack Strain, the sheriff of St. Tammany Parish, la. is one of the children of the Nazi invasion of 1935 of the U.S..
He is also keeping slaves in St. Tammany Parish. You should check on Chet Hingle of Ethan and Associates in St. Tammany Parish as he once told me Strain wanted him dead.
all sheriffs in la., ms., and ca. are murdering those that expose these war crimes against Americans. Those little kids faces on those milk cartons aren’t even in the U.S.
The Mormon Church should have genealogy records dating back prior to 1935 in New Orleans and New York(there are more locations). Those records will show that people like the Landrieu’s(Moon, Mary, Mitch), Carville(James), Treen(Dave), the Landrys of New Orleans were all African or part African(mostly African). Who are these people saying they are African American like Moon Landrieu’s two kids who are blue-eyed blondes? Blue eyed blondes. not just blue eyes. and when was the last time you saw a natural African blonde?
during my association with the Mormon Church in New Orleans missionaries told me that people had been trying to get access to their records. now they knew why. They didn’t tell me what. Two memebers of that church to talk to are Richard Neislon of Huntinton Beach, and Jeremy Valetine, who was going to medical school at Tulane. Talk to Jeremy Valentine regarding bottle feeding.

Additionally, the Mormons told me that they kept most of there men during WWII and a group of people hauling wagons went to Utah. They were all German inflitrators. The Mormons killed all of them. They know where their bodies are, the have the German weapons, and their papers.
A girl named Barbara Johnson(who was and is probably, sadly, still one) I know from Robert Rummler, Jr. and Robert Rummler, Sr. in Los Angeles. She asked me if I knew about people who were a “certain way”. Turns out people like Barbara came to the U.S. a “certain way” meaning one of the descendants of the Germans who invaded in 1935. She said if i knew who they were she would have to call someone who would come and kill me. she said they had killed someone in front of her before. she was scared and said she could do nothing.
In 1980 I worked at the Los Altos Drive Inn. Met Barry and Lawrence who said something similar about people coming here in a “certain way” and about killing people. Arnold’s girlfriend, Debbie, dissapeared later, after saying in front of me she was afraid something would happen to her. Arnold told me she had been killed. and that he knew that guy that killed her and he was going to kill him.
The asst manager(don’t remeber his name but a German judging by behavior) at the Los Altos drive in told me one time he had asked about havig me “go somewhere” but wasn’t able too but that he had made other people “go somewhere” and told me how lucky i was because in California guys like him do what they want. he was forcing all the female employees to have sex with him to keep their jobs. Still a standard practice in ALL California business’s, also in La. and Miss., all in violation of the laws of God and man.

I met a man named Jack. He is from Guyana. His people are a separate race. These are the same race who lived in New Orleans and called themselves the Creoles. They are distinctly different like native north American Indians are distinctly different. Today, the rulers of Guyana are exterminating these people in Guyana which is their own land. How did this happen.
Jack told me that sometime in the 1930’s the ruling families became separate from the rest which was not the custom of those people. A couple of decades later these young men started appearing that kinda of looked like the natives their but they all had blue eyes while only a few of the natives had blue eyes. Then he said they started changing everything including, murdering the locals, molesting their kids, that even involved taking a kid and keeping him then giving him back as a child molesting adult.
Jack said their history was they were “people” or “the people”. Now these people with blue eyes said no you’re not the people, we’re the people. This is a distinct race of people that are being exterminated by the German/Nazi/homosexual invaders from the 1930’s. the “people” are helpless. I think they are what is talked about when people refer to the chosen people. not that they are the chosen people as we are all the chosen people or we would not be here. I think the “chosen people” concept is a bastardization of “the people”, and that would make the natives of Guyana very important people. My father said they had records going back to prove that what Jewish people claimed to be true is not true, and that had something to do with why the Jews pretending to be Germans exterminated the Creoles race in the entire United States and anywhere they could find them worldwide. You don’t even see any pictures of these people in the press, books, or magazines and they are a distinct people. And they may soon all be completely gone, got their with the help of Americans.

the creole’s
The Creole’s were their own race and Huey Long was part that race. Look at photos of local people in Guyana. compare to photos of long. this is why Long was assasinated by a Dr. Weiss, who had only 2 years before been studing in Austria.

My dad, born in 1908 in New Orleans said that until 1935 the only Landrieu’s in New Orleans were all part African. Mary and Mitch’s
father was born in uptown in 1930 to a grocer? my dad said if he knew of a frenchman uptown with a grocery he would have visited the guy because he was a frencman. in those days that’s how they talked. he’s african. he’s a frenchman, etc. the only grocers in uptown n.o. in 1930 were all part African, mostly African. The Landrieu’s are not part African. Moon, their father came in 1935 as a child, up the Mississippi River with the Nazi invasion force and did what the other Nazi kids did. Moon’s accent is not a New Orleand accent. Its an attempt to conceal his German accent. Moon and Mitch are really herr something; Mary, fraulein something, and all these nazis know their real names. Same with Vitter. he’s herr something. i’d like to know their real names. the real names of these people involved in mass murdering Americans.

I see the ad for the show united states of tara. everything i have read on “real” mp shows it to be a horrible condition. how does comedy flow from cancer or AIDS. also, since mp does not exist. that’s right. does not exist. what are these people doing making such an irresponsible series. any actress should have known it right away. anyone with real mp would have multiple warerobes in their closet, messages from people from the different personalities, packages showing up for the different personalities, different foods in the kitchen, all at ONE LOCATION. sure, no one would notice. especially after decades! centuries of data would be available. The absence of evidence proves mp does not exist. heavenly bodies have been found because of the evidence of their existence, i.e. gravitiational pull on an elliptical orbit. no gravitational pull. no heavenly body. The lack of a trail of evidence also proves past life regression cannot exist. Name one historical piece of data, one location, or one dead language restored because we, society, have access to past life regression which means we would have access to everything that has ever happened in the past, at least, where any people would have been, since we would have access to all memories that people ever had via this factual mechanism called past life regression. there is not one piece of evidence when there should be mountains. how does the lack of evidence prove something? the lack of evidence proves there is nothing. evidence proves something. the evidence that must necessarily be there for mp and past life is non existent.
I have written a book on the subject called Literature, Psycholgy, and Psychiatry. In addition I have traced mp back to the story of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. mp does not show up til Robert Louis Stevenson had a dream that his wife woke him up from in 1885. There is no Greek play on mp.
in addition, the “oeidipus complex” is nonesense. The marrying of Oedipus to his mother after killing his father is a plot device to highlight the theme of identity and how important it is for people to know who they are. If you don’t know who you are you can become so confused and disoriented you can wind up killing you father, marrying your mother, and not even know you did it. This is a new interpretation of Oedipus. Freud himself admitted he had these feeling for his parents. sounds like projection to me. Freud tries to take a few lines from Oedipus to prove a sexual theory about people, but in all of literature Freud only has a few lines from one play. it the condition was so universal it would be found in story after story like infidelity or war.
You should ask stan holwitz at uc press about the book. i sent it to him about 2 years ago under a different title, same info. i started hearing the contents all over los angeles within two weeks of sendinig it to him. i contacted both state senators and some people in the news business.
i talked to holwitz and he said he would send back my manuscript. still waiting. see faxed letter below to Senator Feinstein on 10/6/08.
The united states of tara makes “mental illness” a joke and subjects people who can be labled mentally ill as the butt for jokes. hollywood, however, knows no shame. Steven Speiberg is the producer. why would he use the power of tv to make fun of people who have, serious, psychological problems? Must be a reason.

also the name of the show is a misnomer. the states are not united, art they? what are they talking about? they don’t know. so why are they making a tv show. must be a reason.

David Vallaire

Coincidentally I went to the same film school as Spielberg, Cal State Long Beach but we attended at different times. check with stever hubbert or gary prebula at cal state long beach film dept. maybe they can tell you where you can find Rick McMahon or Matt Allard two classmates of mine at Cal. State Long Beach.

What real life person still alive did George Lucas base Luke Skywalker?

What do the “Andy Griffith Show”, the “Doctor is in segment” from Peanuts, “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, “The Godfather Part I, Part II, and Part III”, and “RoboCop”, have in common?

Who is the greatest trumpet player, ever? Why was he forced to quit playing the trumpet at 13? Why does he today live in violent poverty unable to find any work? If he gets out of the U.S. will he ever come back?

Is there a person who blind people can walk up to and look right in his eyes without either saying a word?

Where did the “would you believe” segment from “Get Smart” come from?

What is the name of the person Marlon Brando always referred to as, “that’s my boy.”?

In the movie “The Godfather” when Marlon Brando says, “look how they massacred my boy.”?
What real life person not in the movie is Brando referring to?

What does the performance at the Improv in L.A. in 1997 under the eye of Bud Freidman of a new character by a hopeful comic, have to do with Tracy Morgan, Bobby Lee,Will Ferrel, Fran from the Improv, Sandy Byner(John Byner’s daughter), and THE LIST.
What tape was stolen of wanna be comedians from a showcase set up by Bud Friedman at the Impov in L.A. in 1997, why was it stolen, and where did it go?
Why was a show and the entire slate at the Improv cancelled in June or July of 2005? For about a week their were no shows at the Improv. that has never happened before. SOMEBODY HAPPENED TO SHOW UP IN L.A.. what does that have to do with the show from 1997 including specific lines from one character THE HOLLYWOOD COMMUNITY WANTED, BUT THEY DIDN’T WANT THE PERSON WHO CREATED the character. was that show for Tracy Morgan? What does Chris Rock have to do with this?

Who was given one day of non-union extra work on NCIS cause they knew him, and even got to eat of the union truck(cause there was no other food-on Deadwood we couldn’t eat the hot food. that was for people)?

Who was told by a cast member,just to humilate them, “you look like a regular” when playing someone from an insane asylym on “Cold Case” when they got one day non-union extra work, because they knew him.

Remember the TV show, “Run For Your Life.”

Son, that’s another show about you.
about me, Dad? i’m just a kid. beside how can they do that if its about me.
these people can do anything they want son or that show and other shows based
These people can do anything they want son. or those shows wouldn’t be on the air.
can’t you do anything about it?
i talked to people son. they say there is nothing we can do. they make lots of shows about you.
Why me?
Well, Son, you have something no one else has like the guy on that show.
what is it?
I can’t tell you son. they won’t let me.
they won’t let you?
no, son, they have a gun to my head. they really do. not really, but you know what i mean. we’ve talked about things like that.
I understand. well, dad then i don’t want to know?
Son, i’m going to have to do some things to you.
what do you mean?
son, i don’t know how but i can see some things that are going to happen with you.
come on dad.
i know you don’t believe me. things are pretty good for you right now. but later things are going to
be really hard for you. really hard. i’m sorry its going to be so hard on you. you’re going to be really
lonely. i can’t believe how lonely you’re going to be. well, not really lonely. your’re used to it by then. you, the way you are. everything you can do and your’re all alone.
these things i’m going to do to you, you won’ t like son. but if i don’t
do these things now i know what you will do when you are all alone and its so hard. it’s not just you son. anybody would do. even i’d do it. these things that i’m
going to do will enable you to survive, son. i’ve been a survivor son. that’s why i’m here.
See that guy on that show. nobody knows whats in his blood. so when he goes somewhere people don’t know who he is.
but you, no matter where you go people will find you.
no matter where i go.
no matter where you go.
i think they’re
trying to tell you something, remember,son, run for your life.

I remember the dinner with a then unknown Al Pacino and a bunch of people I had no idea of who they were. I thinkCarlos Marcello was there.(pacino called him carlos) I was a minor. Mr. Pacino said if things worked out it would make both of us “famous”. Well, he was half right. I’m living in poverty. and my family died in poverty when I had them out, more than once.
Everyone was there except I have been told, Marlon Brando. Pacino(Deniro was there, Keaton was there) told me he was German: they almost all were German. and they had killed all the Italian people in New York and replace them with Germans, Nazi’s. he is related to someone close to hilter. give them lie detectors. Deniro had John Belushi killed. the dutch and the creole’s too.

Peter Weller came into Bennets camera in Metairie, La. to observe me for his role in Robocop… there’s a lot more there if you really look…

What happened to all the Dutch people in New York? These murderers will say they are all over America. In American steel. All the Dutch people murdered in New York dissapeared into place like Berthlehem steel. Pacino joked about “have you heard the steel story”. The dutch make strong steel. because the dutch people were in the steel. it made the steel stronger. their dna is still in the steel.
According to someone along the way(ms. ellis, i think) the tanks we had were supposed to blowup when hit by german tanks. that was their design. but the steel was too hard so it disabled the tanks but didn’t kill the men. so the men got out and came up with ways to stop the tanks with rocks in gears and grenades down the hatch. The guns the same way. the famous M-1. the weapons were stronger.

Jesse Ventura said on national t.v. that all the scandavian people in Minnesotta have been murdered by Germans. he also talked about all the child molestation, as well, as other things. Ventura even said the Germans came over as Jews. DNA tests! those are not swedes in Minnestoa. they are Germans from the 1935 invasion, their children, and other affiliated conspirators.

Sotomayor, Bader, Roberts. These three Supreme Court Justices are all from NEW YORK.
Scalia and Alito are from NEW JERSEY. Saclia is probably German. A DNA test will tell and I’m sure he would want to clear this matter up.


The newspapers portrayed him as a gross lecher who used his weight to overpower innocent girls. In reality Arbuckle was a good natured man so shy with women that he was regarded by those who knew him as “the most chaste man in pictures”.[2] Hearst (”Please remain. You furnish the pictures, I’ll furnish the war.”) was gratified by the Arbuckle scandal, and later said that it had “sold more newspapers than any event since the sinking of the RMS Lusitania.”[12]

The resulting scandal destroyed both Arbuckle’s career and his personal life. Morality groups called for Arbuckle to be sentenced to death, and studio executives ordered Arbuckle’s industry friends (whose careers they controlled) not to publicly speak up for him. Charlie Chaplin was in England at the time;Buster Keaton did make a public statement in support of Arbuckle; film actor William S. Hart, who had never worked with Arbuckle, made public statements which presumed that Arbuckle was guilty.

After British actor Charlie Chaplin joined Keystone Studios in 1914, Arbuckle mentored him. Chaplin’s most famous character, “the Tramp”, was created after Chaplin adopted Arbuckle’s trademark balloon pants, boots and tiny hat.

Charlie Chaplin was in England at the time

The Chaplin movie “The Great Dictatior” (released in 1940 just before the war)was a propaganda film for Germany. It made the American people think that Hitler was an idiot and the Nazi’s were easilty beat so they would be easy prey for the German inflitrators that massacred whole towns, the state of Pennsylvania, and Manhattan Island.

The turning away of the boat of Jews in 1939 was propaganda to convince Americans that the only Jews or Germans in America were SUPPOSED to be here making Americans easy prey to be murdered by the Nazi’s pretending to be Jew who infiltrated America in 1935.

People in the movie business constantly make movies about nazi’s because they are and like nazi’s(Austin powers, i think is a good example.) they make movies to communicate like the movie “what just happened” and “righteous kill” was Deniro and Pacino telling their fellow Germans and conspirators to kill someone. take a guess.

============================== ===

Dear Senator Feinstein, 10/6/2008
I have contacted you in the past regarding issues of public policy that have been of great concern to me as an American citizen. I think all my past contacts have been over Constitutional issues besides this current “bailout.” I now find myself contacting you, via fax, regarding The University of California Press at Berkeley. I submitted a manuscript via information the UC Press has on its website about 4 weeks ago. I started hearing references to the contents of that manuscript, within about a week, in various places inLos Angeles, where I have been. Today, I finally spoke with Stanley Holwitz, who I addressed the manuscript to. Mr. Holwitz seemed a bit flustered, edgy, and uncertain of what to say. He told me I had “taken my chances” sending in the manuscript “over the transom” regarding the contents of that manuscript.
There is nothing on the UC Press Website regarding any problem with an author’s work being compromised by sending a submission to the UC Berkeley Press. I am more than concerned that my work is being distributed to sources that could try to claim that work as their own. His phone demeanor certainly encouraged these feelings.
Mr. Holwitz behaved as if he had no idea as to the contents of the work which, ultimately, will help a great many people. I found Mr. Holwitz comments to be less than truthful. For one thing, why have a submissions policy on line encouraging submissions, then claim he didn’t even look at the submission, or read the letter I wrote with that submission. His comments about the information not being confidential because I sent it to the University of Berkeley, I find virtually saying that he has compromised that manuscript. I am faxing you this letter, as well as the letter I sent to him when I sent the manuscript, instead of emailing it in an attempt for some confidentiality.
Berkeley is a public university. The reputation of which is of considerable pride to the local community, California, and the country. I hope that you will take a few moments, when time allows, from serious concerns you are dealing with, to inquire regarding the UC Berkeley Press’s integrity regarding submissions they encourage from their online website. This book I have written is a significant historical and scholarly work( the last term Mr. Holwitz himself used. How could he know that if he was not familiar with the contents?) and gives great insight into the field of psychology. I am depending on this work for my future income as I have no other means to support myself other than writing. My intellectual property is all I have. I am not concerned that Mr. Holwitz has no interest in publishing the manuscript , the subject matter he claims is of no interest to the UC Press. I am concerned about the distribution of the contents by the UC Press. In closing, let me say that Mr. Holwitz’s claim that the subject matter of psychology is not something they publish contradicts information I found online where his name was associated with a published work at UC Press regarding psychiatry. This is the main reason I sent it to him and UC Press in the first place. This also, indicates to me Mr. Holwitz is being less than honest in dealing with my manuscript.

Thank You,
David Vallaire
447 S. Berendo St. #106
Los Angeles, CA. 90020
213 388 2998

re kelly kitty interview on today show:
I didn’t know Oprah owned NBC or does she own the parent company? why are poeple in show business so afraid of people finding out what really goes on in the entertainment field particularly in California. it seems like people in show business are afraid of the truth about themselves coming out in public. must be some horrible things going on if people are so afraid someone would find out what they are really doing, not what they pretend to be like. see below. will people tell lies. can the information be verified? not an issue in the killy kelly interview. glad to see NBC is not involved in any coverup or child abuse?
take a look at all the people in show business who wind up dead under “mysterious circumstances. you got a great industry there. like Natalie Wood, George Reeves, Lana Clarkson, Nicole Brown, Brandon Lee, John Eric Huxom, Bonnie Lee Blakely or how about child molestation withRoman Polanski, “Poppa” John or the others still covered up. Like in the Byner family. or how about ruining people likeRoscoe Arbuckle, stealing people intellectual property, and forcing them into homelessness. then some just dissapear. i lived at a place with people working dail in tv and moves. one person i was told just left his stuff and never came back. he just ran off. sure. happens all the time. if womeone doens’t come back for there stuff they are dead.This is the hollywood and show business community you(people in show business) have created and continue. there is no real reporting about what is going on in show business. if a person wants to be a singer, an actor, a comedian then first go to thuggery school because this the kind of people you have to deal with. most are thugs. i know the story about Art Leboe. someone i know found a singer but the people deciding who will be stars said no. that person dissapeared according to the person telling the story. the entire industry is engaging in serious civil rights violations and blatant criminal behavior even involving children. the industry has no shame.

sent 10/29/09-to many media outlets worldwide:

mass murder and child abuse cover up
From: david vallaireView Contact

—————————— —————————— ——————–
I have been illegally locked out of my apartment. I have been told if I call the police I will be arrersted. The apt. manager does not answer her door. If they get me in jail again I will not walk out. Why are you leaving me here?

My name is David Vallaire. When i was 13 i was prevented from getting a position at a music school by New Orleans District Attorney Harry Connick. The son of Harry Connickreceived that position. Perhaps you have heard of him, Harry Connick Jr. Connick(the elder) was quoted as saying I would be just like my brothers who had been severely molested as children and had sexual problems. District Attorney Harry Connick was supposed to remove me from my home because of my mother. He called my father and told him he was not going to remove me because of the reason already stated.
My understanding is there is a group of decent New Olreans citiznes, K.K. Miazza, Robert Ruello, Robert Lupo, prep each administration about the case. Includes the father of Senator Mary Landrieu who was mayor in 1970. My understanding is each administration says they will deal with it when i remember. What?
Well, i have been remembering and have contacted every group involved who are doing nothing. well, not nothing, i am now being investigated and harrased as I write this.
There are many things covered up in LA. such as the child abuse case involving me.
The reason is a mass murder in 1935 that involved prominent citizens from across the state. Everything in La. is done to cover up this Geneva Convention crime. The coverup is ongoing. Liteally every branch of government is involved in the coverup. Everyone who objects is killed and made to look like they just moved away. They even follow people around the country hounding them and making them dissapear(people and all possesions-looks like people moved). Also includes using psychiatrists to admit people to mental wards where they are given lobotomies. YEs, East Jefferson Hospital, Metairie, La., Oschner Hospital, Metairie, La., the state hospital. Patients are transferred to Mississippi wards then “dissapear” and their MEDICAL RECORDS DISSAPEAR. So it looks like they were never there.
Even though I have even contacted members of the U.S. Senate, nothing is being done about any of these matters. i certainly haven’t been debriefed.
This genocide also occured in Mississippi under the direction of Delmer Wilcox(FORMER MILITARY). Also something like this happened in Texas only at a later time. In Lousiana, the assasination of Huey Long was planned. A doctor shot Huey and another doctor botched the surgery, deliberately. The reason a doctor goes into the chest cavity when someone has a puncture wound is to check if their is any damage especially to a vital organ. He didn’t repair the damage. He sewed Huey up knowing he would die. I think, the people who planned this did so at a bui
My life is in danger. I am unable to provide for my personal needs including medical needs. I am forced to live in a horrible place where people make sexual advances to me and try to force me into the street.
Police came to my room to ask me some questions but didn’t tell me what they wanted. they handcuffed me and told me they were going to take me outside and check for warrants. The put me in the car and TOOK ME IN. I asked them if they were real police officers and they didn’t even answer me. i spent 3 days in jail then released. I was booked for criminal threats yet NO ONE told me what I supposedly said or did say. My understand is there was a least one attempt on my life while their.
I am sending this to new media aroung the world. There is so much more to all this. Everything I say can be verified. You won’t believe what’s been going on.

David Vallaire

7/20/ 2010–

Yesterday two LAPD officers came to my apt. at 447 S. Berendo St., Apt. 106, L.A., Ca. 90020, and told me I was “properly evicted” and to leave. The person I share the apt. with( Taiwan(Tom) Islam-probably not his real name) said he had evicted me. I told them i had paperwork(Claim of right to possession and notice of hearing) to give “to the officer who comes to evict you”. They didn’t want to look at it. I kept saying(standing there in a pair of shorts, no shirt, and slippers) I have a right to a hearing. The finally said lets see them. I showed them the papers. They asked “Tom” for additionally documents because what he had did not name me. He came up with one. It did not name me. The paper that was served at the apt. on July 11th was to evict anyone “on the lease”. The court document(case number 10006348 filed on 5/12/2010 by the agent of the landlord was to evict anyone on the lease. That document specified that people who met the following requirements would not be evicted but had a right to a hearing as follows:

1. You are not named in the accompanying Writ of Possession.

2. You occupied the premises on or before the date the unlawful detainer(eviction) action was filed.(the date is in the accompanying Writ of Possession.)

3. You still occupy the premises.

4. A Prejudgement claim of Right to Possession form was NOT served with the Summons and Complaint.

You can complete and Submit this Claim form(in person with ide

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