Psychiatrist To Treat Killer

By Sayantika Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Friday, June 18, 2010


FREDERICK COUNTY, MARYLAND ( A 27-year old convict from Adamstown may spend the rest of his life under psychiatrist supervision. Reportedly, the man have been found guilty of a murder in the first degree by the court in the Frederick County in Maryland. The prosecutors declared in front of the court that the man is mentally ill and hence requires to be put under the treatment of a psychiatrist. The convict Joshua John Mashburn set a man on fire way back in the month of December last year which makes him a murderer in the very first degree.

David R. Callahan who happens to be the Deputy State Attorney told the media that Joshua John Mashburn was declared mentally ill by the psychiatrists of Clifton T. Perkins Hospital. As a matter of fact, Joshua Josh Mashburn told the judge that he regularly takes lithium as an anti-depressant which has been prescribed by his psychiatrist. The convict had escaped the crime scene as he drove away his maroon colored 1994 Plymouth Voyager van. He was found in Little Rock after four days and was handed over to Frederick County investigators to where he faced the murder charges. The cops told the media that the victim suffered first, second and third degree burns all over his face and in upper part of the body. His eyes were badly damaged and required multiple surgeries.

David R. Callahan further said that although the victim has undergone treatment the doctors have declared that he shall never be able to recover fully. The Deputy State Attorney said that the convict shall be soon placed under the supervision of a psychiatrist who would help him to fight his depression. He also said that the psychiatrist shall also run a check on the drugs which the man has been consuming as anti-depressants.

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