WASHINGTON - US President Barack Obama called the discovery of some suspicious packages with "explosive material" as "a credible threat against our country," but officials considered it unlikely to affect his trip to India next week.
WASHINGTON/LONDON - President Barack Obama warned of a "credible terrorist threat" to the US Friday after two packages containing explosive materials were found on US-bound cargo flights at airports in Britain and Dubai.
BAQUBA - At least 25 people were killed and 75 injured when a suicide bomber targeted a crowded coffee shop late Friday in Iraq's Diyala province, police sources said.
WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama said he was taking seriously a "credible threat" earlier Friday from two packages containing explosive materials that were found on cargo flights destined for the US.
WASHINGTON - A passenger plane that originated in Yemen landed safely Friday at New York's John F Kennedy international airport, where US authorities were to inspect the craft for any suspicious packages.
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