BAGHDAD - A series of bomb explosions followed by gunfire rocked this Iraqi capital Sunday, an official said.

KABUL - Two Taliban commanders were killed during an operation by security forces against the militants in Afghanistan's Kandahar province, Xinhua reported.

MELBOURNE - A top Australian combat soldier in Afghanistan has warned that the Taliban militants cannot be defeated by military means and called for a fundamental change in strategy, a media report said Sunday.

ISLAMABAD - The master trainer of suicide bombers and a key Taliban commander, Qari Hussain Mehsud, survived last week's drone attack that killed five suspected terrorists in Pakistan's northwest.

WASHINGTON - Less than a year before the November 2008 Mumbai terror mayhem, a second wife of David Coleman Headley warned US officials in Pakistan that she believed her husband was plotting an attack, but she appeared not to have been taken seriously, the New York Times said.
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