Zahra Baker Found? Police Says ‘No’

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Thursday, October 28, 2010

HICKORY ( Hickory Police Chief Tom Adkins announced at a conference that the search teams have found a prosthetic leg, which is believed to 10 year old missing girl Zahra Clare Baker’s. The North Carolina girl who disappeared early this month had bone cancer, which left her with a prosthetic leg. This discovery came after a mattress was found at a dump, which the law enforcement officials said that belonged to her and threw away by her parents after she was reported missing.

Tom Adkins said in his statement that the officers found the prosthetic leg at the side of Christie Road in Caldwell County. The Police Chief also said in his statement that the prosthetic leg is in consistent with the description of Zahra Clare Baker’s “left prosthesis”. However, he also added that the police will confirm if the leg belonged to the 10 year old girl, only by checking the serial number of the leg. Zahra Clare Baker fitted the leg in Australia and it will take some time for the police to confirm it is her’s.

The Police Chief also said that the search teams are now looking for clues after they found her mattress. Moreover the police says that they are looking for more evidences which might help them in the investigation. Zahra Clare Baker’s stepmother Elisa Baker admitted last week that she wrote a fake ransom note after her step daughter reported missing from her home. Police arrested the missing girl’s father on Monday on unrelated charges of assault and also writing false cheques. Police have contacted Zahra Clare Baker’s biological mother to her biological reports.

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