Sentencing hearing for Ind. teen who pleaded guilty to strangling brother expected to end

By Charles Wilson, AP
Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sentencing hearing for Ind. teen to wrap up

RISING SUN, Ind. — A sentencing hearing for an Indiana teenager who pleaded guilty to strangling his 10-year-old brother is expected to wrap up Tuesday in the small Ohio River town of Rising Sun.

Closing arguments are expected Tuesday on the fifth day of the hearing for 18-year-old Andrew Conley, who unexpectedly pleaded guilty to murder last week in the Nov. 28 death of Conner Conley.

Prosecutors are expected to argue that Conley is a psychopath who likely will kill again if he’s ever released from prison, while defense attorneys are expected to maintain that he is seriously mentally ill.

The teen faces 45 years to life in prison. Prosecutors are seeking life in prison without parole. Conley can’t get the death penalty because he was only 17 at the time of the killing.

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