Backpage Gets Pimp Busted

By Tias, Gaea News Network
Friday, September 3, 2010

NASHVILLE ( Backpage led to the arrest of a pimp after he posted an ad for escorts and tried to force two teenage girls into prostitution. Undercover detectives responded to the advertisement on the ad portal and then set up a meeting in a motel in Nashville. Once the girls agreed to have sex for money, they were taken into custody and their pimp, Tyree Walker, was arrested and charged with trafficking for sexual servitude.

Considering that escort ads in Backpage is common, the undercover agents responded and followed up on the ad by Tyree Walker. They set up a sting operation which helped nab the pimp. He was found with a cellphone and laptop at the time of arrest. The laptop and the cellphone contained photos of the ad on Backpage. Tyree Walker has also been charged for possession of marijuana at the time of the arrest.

Mike McSurdy of Crisis Services in Nashville feels that the girls relied on prostitution as it allowed them to have a roof over their heads. He termed it as ’survival sex’ as it helped them earn money and feel that someone cares for them. Police had contacted the parents of the girls and one of the parents expressed shock at the news as they were not aware that their daughter had left her hometown. Reports suggest that one of the girls come from an abusive family. Mike McSurdy added that the parents should be more aware of their kids whereabouts to avoid such problems. He said that they should pay attention to details such as the source of the money that the teenagers get and also who their friends are. Backpage and Craigslist has led to several arrests in the recent months for crimes related to prostitution and trafficking.

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