Omar Thornton Commits Suicide After Killing 8 People

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, August 4, 2010

MANCHESTER ( Omar Thornton, a Connecticut truck driver, who was caught stealing beer complained about being racially harassed at work when he was asked to quit his job. At that point of time no one knew what gruesome thoughts revolved around his mind. The 34 year old man then killed his 8 co-workers and committed suicide yesterday leaving the whole city in shock. The alleged killer before dying called his mother and told her that he had shot five racists who were “bothering” him and police are going to come to catch him so he was going to take care of himself.

Omar Thornton worked for several years at the beer and wine wholesaler in Manchester, Connecticut and he was caught several times on the security camera stealing things from the shop. Steve Hollander, The company vice president said that when he was asked to quit Omar Thornton did not object but quietly chose to quit. After half an hour he started firing on his fellow workers killing eight people and injuring two before he committed suicide.

Manchester police Chief Marc Montminy said that Omar Thornton shot himself before the police could catch him. The family of the alleged killer said that the last words that he told his mother was he loved her but his co-workers have pushed him over the edge. Brett Hollander, who is Steve Hollander’s cousin and member of the family who owns a distributorship in the company said that there has never been any racial discrimination in the company. The police refused to reveal the names of those who were killed. However, the media reported that among the dead was Bryan Cirigliano, Doug Scruton, Bill Ackerman, Victor James, Edwin Kennison Jr., Craig Pepin. According to reports, Steve Hollander was treated in the hospital but was released later.

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