San Francisco

Barbie Doll Issues Threat
SAN FRANCISCO ( The Barbie doll which is a big asset for all the little girls is having its tryst with the law after FBI issued out warning notices with regard to the latest "Barbie Video Girl".
Barbie Blamed Over Internet
SAN FRANCISCO ( Sandra McDermott had no clue about the shock that she received over the Internet while she was trying to upload videos for a Barbie Video Girl movie contest that her daughter had undertaken.
Brittany Mae Smith Found
SAN FRANCISCO ( Brittany Mae Smith, the 12 year old girl from Virginia who had gone missing a week ago was found back on Friday in a shopping mall in San Francisco.
Bay Bridge Shut During Hourlong Standoff
SAN FRANCISCO ( The traffic on the Bay Bridge which connects San Francisco with Oakland was closed down for about an hour on Thursday after a man climbed on its ledge and threatened to commit suicide.

RICHMOND, Va. - Local governments cannot opt out of a federal program that checks the fingerprints of people who are arrested against a database to determine if they are illegal immigrants, the head of the U.S.
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