Three Missing Michigan Boys Unlikely To Be Alive
MORENCI (GaeaTimes.com)- Police have declared that the three Michigan boys who have been missing since Thanksgiving day are unlikely to be found alive.

TOLEDO, Ohio - A man suspected in a string of stabbings across three states was charged with attempted murder Friday in the stabbing of a church custodian in Ohio over the summer.

CLEVELAND - A tape recording of the shooting deaths of four Kent State University students by Ohio National Guardsmen in 1970 reveals the sound of pistol shots 70 seconds earlier, a newspaper reported Friday, citing the work of a forensic audio expert.

CARROLLTON, Ohio - A coroner in a rural area of northeast Ohio says a woman suspected of killing her two young children before taking her own life had been taking medication for depression.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Police say an Ohio man who wanted his pregnant girlfriend to get an abortion forced her to drive to a health clinic at gunpoint.
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