Ashley Blumenshine Arrested
PLAINFIELD ( Ashley Blumenshine, 27, Plainfield North High School teacher has been accused of having sex with a 16 year old student.
“Honeybee Killer” Video Hits Web
ORLAND PARK ( Orland Park law enforcement officials said that Gary Amaya, 48, was shot and killed in his attempt to rob a LA Tan salon.
Antinette Keller’s Body Found?
DEKALB ( DeKalb Police reclassified the missing Northern Illinois University Antinette Keller's case as death investigation yesterday.
Brian Dorian Charged With First Degree Murder
LYNWOOD (Gaea Brian Dorian, a police officer, who was on off duty, was arrested on Friday on charges of committing First degree murder.

LYNWOOD, Ill. - The arrest of a small-town police officer for the seemingly random shootings of three people surprised his family and neighbors Friday even as it brought relief to residents on the Illinois-Indiana border where the shootings took place.
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