Supreme court

Supreme Court Debates on Vizconde Massacre Case
MANILA, PHILIPPINES ( -- Today Supreme Court en banc is going to decide the fate of Hubert Webb.
Daya Nayak Gets Breathar From SC
MUMBAI, INDIA ( Sub inspector of police Daya Nayak who had been suspended over charges of maintaining links with the underworld can now breathe easy.

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court on Monday struck down part of the anti-fraud law enacted in response to the Enron and other corporate scandals from the early 2000s, but said its decision has limited consequences.
High court turns down both sides in tobacco fight
WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court has rejected appeals by the Obama administration and the nation's largest tobacco companies to get involved in a legal fight about the dangers of cigarette smoking that has stretched more than 10 years.

A lawsuit against the Vatican that had been dismissed as a publicity stunt moved forward when the U.S.
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