Colo. gubernatorial candidate personnel files show police knew of gambling ring

Maes files: Police chief knew of gambling ring

AP Interview: Colo. gov hopeful Maes details role with Kansas police department

AP Interview: Colo.’s Maes details police role

Republican newcomer’s own millions buy commercials, credibility in Fla. governor’s race

Wealthy newcomer gains the edge in Fla. GOP race

Michigan voters face many choices on election day but want only 1 thing: a better economy

Michigan voters search for economic savior

Early and often: Ill. residents to vote twice to fill President Barack Obama’s old Senate seat

Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama

Cleared of charges, Paterson says he regrets dropping out of NY governor’s race

NY’s Paterson: I regret leaving governor’s race

Bodyguard for Mexican governor ordered jailed on suspicion of belonging to drug cartel

Mexican governor’s guard accused of drug ties

Resurgence eludes Mexico’s old rulers in state elections that show no party is on top

Vote shows Mexicans have little faith in any party

Mexican president’s allies head to surprising wins in elections; turnout low in violent states

Mexican president’s allies lead in key elections

Mexico’s old ruling party seeks momentum in elections besieged by drug gang hits, scandals

Mexicans vote elections besieged by drug violence

Fear, distrust dominates Mexican elections held amid drug war violence

Drug war fears cast pall across Mexican elections

Brother of assassinated candidate to replace him in northern Mexico gubernatorial election

Brother to replace slain candidate in Mexico vote

Candidate’s killing by suspected cartel gunmen shrouds Mexican vote in fear

Mexico to press ahead with vote despite slaying

Gunmen kill candidate for governor of northern Mexican state, president blames drug gangs

Mexican governor candidate killed, cartels blamed

Mexican president blames candidate’s killing on drug cartels, warns of election infiltration

Mexican leader blames candidate’s killing on gangs

Candidate for governorship of northern Mexico state slain by gunmen

Governor candidate killed in northern Mexico

Publicly funded elections starting in Hawaii despite potential legal questions

Big Island launching publicly funding elections

SC Dem Party nixes protest of US Senate primary, upholds nomination of unknown, unemployed vet

SC Dems uphold US Senate primary shocker

COLUMBIA, S.C. — South Carolina Democratic Party officials have upheld a surprising U.S. Senate primary win by an unemployed military veteran, nixing a protest lodged by their favored candidate that could have required a new vote.

SC Democrats meeting to hear protest over US Senate primary results

SC Dems hearing protest over US Senate primary

State lawmaker asks SC state police to investigate how surprise primary winner paid filing fee

Lawmaker asks state police to probe SC primary

Cancun mayor charged with organized crime, money laundering; barred from running for governor

Cancun mayor charged with ties to drug cartels

Ruling party candidate’s killing stokes fear that Mexico drug cartels will control elections

Candidates threatened in local Mexico elections

Rory Reid: name, famous father, won’t sway voters in Nevada governor’s race