Explosion damages cars in first such attack since Bahrain began crackdown on Shiite dissidents

Amid Shiite unrest, explosion hits cars in Bahrain

Indonesian president orders police to arrest assailants who stabbed, beat Christians

Indonesian Christians beat on their way to prayers

US Muslims frustrated by suspicion that persists despite outreach efforts, denouncing violence

Fellow Americans’ suspicions frustrate US Muslims

Assailants stab, beat Christian worshippers outside Indonesia’s capital

Christian worshippers attacked in Indonesia

Obama says 9/11 is day of remembrance and reflection, as well as national unity and renewal

Barack Obama
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Fla. pastor says he won’t burn Qurans if he’s able to meet with imam over NYC mosque

President Barack Obama

Report says US has failed to create systems to deal with homegrown terror

Report: US must deal with homegrown terror problem

Nigeria: Coordinated assault on prison shows radical Muslim sect capable of more violence

Sect’s prison attack raises new fears in Nigeria

Authorities say gun battle at Nigerian prison holding suspected Muslim extremists has ended

Nigeria: Assault ends at prison holding extremists

Authorities say gun battle raging at Nigerian prison holding suspected Muslim extremists

Nigeria: Gun battle at prison holding extremists

Police say attack on mosque of minority sect in northwest Pakistan kills at least 1

Police: Attack on Pakistan minority mosque kills 1

Police: In 911 call, suspect in Calif. shooting warns police to prepare for ‘mortal combat’

Police release 911 tape after church slaying

Brother: Suspected Mormon church shooter was mentally ill, felt wronged by leader in 1980s

Suspect in Mormon church attack was former member

NYC college arts student indicted in suspected hate-crime stabbing of Muslim cab driver

Student indicted in Muslim cabbie attack in NYC

Brother: Mormon church shooter was mentally ill, felt leader wronged him as member in 1980s

Brother: Mormon church shooter was former member

Police ID suspected shooter of Morman lay bishop at Central California church

Police ID alleged shooter in Mormon church killing

Mormon lay bishop, gunman are killed in shootings at church in central Calif.

Mormon official, gunman killed in Calif. shootings

Shootings in Central California leave Mormon church official, suspect dead

Shootings leaves Mormon official, suspect dead

Lay bishop at Mormon church in Central Calif. fatally shot in office between Sunday services

Lay bishop fatally shot at Mormon church in Calif.

Imam behind proposed NYC Muslim center, mosque near ground zero struggles to bridge divisions

Imam behind NYC mosque faces divisions over center

Bahrain arrests 4 leading Shiite activists in attempt to halt street clashes with police

Bahrain arrests 4 Shiite activists amid clashes

German prosecutors reveal gruesome charges against Nazi suspect from Belzec death camp

Gruesome charges detailed against suspected Nazi

Philadelphia pastor pleads guilty in shooting death of violent eldest son on Christmas

Pa. pastor pleads guilty in shooting death of son

Critics argue against US move to drop talk of Islamic radicalism to mend fences with Muslims

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan

Critics argue against US dropping talk of Islamic radicalism, say threat needs to be defined

President Barack Obama

After twin suicide bombs kill 42 at a Sufi shrine, some Pakistanis blame United States

Pakistanis blame US after shrine attack kills 42

Suspected militants kill around 80 at minority sect’s mosques in eastern Pakistan

Attackers strike sect mosques in Pakistan; 80 dead

Nebraska man gets year in federal prison for ‘Anonymous’ cyber attack on Scientology websites

Nebraska man sentenced in Scientology cyber attack

Nigeria: Lagos journalist gunned down at home, 2 others killed in religious violence in Jos

Nigeria: 3 journalists killed in weekend violence

1st witness in Karadzic genocide trial says Serbs burned his father-in-law alive

Karadzic genocide trial hears from 1st witness

Genocide trial of ex-Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic to hear from 1st witness

Karadzic genocide trial to hear from 1st witness

Rome cardinals decry alleged anti-Catholic ‘hate’ campaign, say target is gay marriage stand

Vatican blasts anti-Catholic ‘hate’ campaign

Catholic priest charged with assaulting 14-year-old girl says he is ready to face US courts

Priest accused of US abuse won’t fight extradition

Pope’s preacher: Accusations on clergy sex abuse akin to persecution of Jews

Pope’s preacher: Accusations akin to anti-Semitism

Pope’s preacher: accusations against pope over sex abuse like violence against Jews

Pope’s preacher: Abuse critique like anti-Semitism

Pope washes priests’ feet in ceremony marking Holy Thursday

U.S. President Barack Obama
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Pope leads Holy Thursday ceremony dedicated to priests as clergy scandals rock church

U.S. President Barack Obama

Wartime Bosnian Serb chief Karadzic claims self defense from Bosnian Muslim fundamentalists

Karadzic: Islamic militants to blame for bloodshed

Israeli police storm Jerusalem holy site to stop Palestinians throwing objects at tourists

Israel police storm holy site to quell protest

22 people killed across Iraq, including Shiite family of 8, some beheaded

8 villagers killed south of Baghdad, some beheaded

Iraqi police: 8 killed in village south of Baghdad _ some beheaded _ in deadly day across Iraq

Iraq police: 8 killed in village south of Baghdad

Mexican Catholic bishops: Abuses, corrupt justice system undermine drug war

Mexican bishops criticize gov’t drug war strategy

Unprovoked baseball-bat attack on NJ rabbi garners man an 8-year state prison term

Man who attacked NJ rabbi is sentenced to 8 years

Prosecutors: Nebraska man to plead guilty in Los Angeles in Scientology cyber attack

Neb. man agrees to plea in Scientology Web attack

AP Enterprise: US cleric accused of al-Qaida ties is in hiding in Yemen, protected by tribe

AP Enterprise: Tribe in Yemen protecting US cleric

Rum bottle thrown at mosque in 1st such attack amid religious tensions in Malaysia

Rum bottle thrown at Malaysia mosque amid tension

Vandals smash Malaysian church window amid religious tensions over use of word Allah

Vandals smash Malaysia church window amid tensions

Church attacks over ‘Allah’ feud arouse minority fear of rising Islamization in Malaysia

Malaysia minorities fear Islamization in Allah row

UN, Egypt dismayed by Italy’s treatment of migrants following bloody rioting

UN, Egypt protest Italy’s treatment of migrants

Yemen’s top diplomat rejects US, West’s pressure for reforms amid fight against al-Qaida

Yemen rejects pressure on reform amid terror fight