Hong Kong

MANILA, Philippines - A Philippine court has sentenced a father to 14,400 years in prison after he was convicted of the near-daily rape of his teenage daughter over the course of a year.

MANILA, Philippines - Some victims in a botched hostage rescue of a tourist bus in the Philippines may have been hit by police fire, the nation's top law enforcement official said Thursday.

HONG KONG - The expatriate American housewife who won a retrial after being convicted of murdering of her banker husband in Hong Kong with a drugged milkshake and a blow to the head will ask a judge to dismiss the case against her, a lawyer said Thursday.

MANILA, Philippines - Hong Kong forensic experts inspected the bullet-peppered bus in which a hijacker killed eight tourists in Manila last week, as the Philippines worked to calm China's outrage over the bloodshed.

HONG KONG - An estimated 80,000 Hong Kongers marched Sunday in honor of eight locals killed in a bus hijacking in Manila, denouncing the Philippine government for botching the rescue operation and demanding justice for the dead.
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