Hezbollah and its ally Syria say ‘false witnesses’ throw Hariri tribunal into doubt

Hezbollah, Syria seek to discredit Hariri tribunal

Syria accuses teen blogger imprisoned for 9 months of spying

Syria accuses detained teenage blogger of spying

Official says detained Syrian teen blogger, held for 9 months, was spying for foreign country

Official: Syria accuses teenage blogger of spying

Mideast’s other crisis: 5-year-old murder threatens political meltdown and violence in Lebanon

5-year-old murder stokes dangerous Lebanon crisis

Lebanon prime minister says it was mistake to accuse Syria of killing his father, Rafik Hariri

Lebanon PM: Wrong to accuse Syria in Hariri death

Somali pirates leave cargo ship 1 day after hijacking; anti-piracy force says 2 crew injured

Somali pirates leave hijacked ship after 1 day

Somali pirates seize cargo ship with 22 Syrians, 2 Egyptians onboard in the Gulf of Aden

Somali pirates seize cargo ship with 24 crew

Israel indicts 3 Arabs on charges of spying for Syria

Israel indicts 3 Arabs on espionage charges

Syrian, Saudi leaders fly together to Lebanon ahead of possible indictments in assassination

Syria, Saudi leaders travel together to Lebanon

Lebanese general asks Hariri murder tribunal for records to learn why he was jailed 4 years

Lebanese general seeks court record in Hariri case

Cyprus hunts for alleged Russian spy paymaster who jumped bail and disappeared

Cyprus hunts for alleged Russian spy who fled

Cyprus police step up search for vanished suspect in Russian spy ring

Cyprus police seek vanished Russian spy suspect

Cypriot police say they are search for alleged Russian spy who vanished after release on bail

Cypriot police say Russian spying suspect vanished

Rights group: Syrian court sends prominent rights activist to prison for 3 years

Syria sends rights activist to prison for 3 years

Defense Ministry: Israel launches ‘Ofek 9′ spy satellite, improving eye on Iran, other enemies

Israel launches new spy satellite ‘Ofek 9′

Somali cook gives guns to hostage crew who kill pirate captors, but where is Ahmed now?

Somali pirate cook saves hostages, then disappears

Supreme Court rejects appeal from Canadian mistaken for terrorist and sent to Syria by US

High court rejects appeal in rendition case

Kagan’s work as a top government lawyer would affect tobacco case if she joins Supreme Court

Kagan confirmation would affect major tobacco case

As Supreme Court justice, Kagan would be forced to sit out some big cases, muddying outcome

Kagan would sit out some big Supreme Court cases

21 Asian nations denounce Israeli raid at end of security summit in Istanbul

Olympic judo team

Israeli military sets up panel to examine deadly raid on Gaza-bound flotilla

Olympic judo team
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Turkey calls on Israel to accept international probe into deadly flotilla raid

Turkey calls on Israel to accept probe into raid

Turkish group behind raided flotilla says it has millions to spend on Gaza aid

Turkish group behind flotilla is Gaza’s new hero

Sweden expels Syrian diplomat in alleged plot to kidnap daughter

Sweden expels Syrian diplomat in kidnapping case

AP Exclusive: Al-Qaida moving in and out of Iran, stoking US suspicions about Tehran’s motives

AP Exclusive: Iran eases grip on al-Qaida

WASHINGTON — Al-Qaida operatives who have been detained for years in Iran have been making their way quietly in and out of the country, raising the prospect that Iran is loosening its grip on the terror group so it can replenish its ranks, former and current U.S. intelligence officials say.

Obama administration urges Supreme Court to reject appeal from Canadian mistaken for terrorist

US wants high court to stay out of rendition case

Israel’s Peres accuses North Korea of smuggling arms and missiles to Iran

Peres says North Korea smuggling arms to Iran

Lebanon’s foreign ministry criticizes visit by US anti-terrorism team to border with Syria

US tour near Syrian border criticized in Lebanon

Hariri tribunal top official says justice necessary in case for Lebanon’s long-term stability

Hariri tribunal official says justice necessary

Iraq officials say gunmen killed Sunni cleric after morning prayers in Baghdad

Sunni cleric killed in Baghdad shooting

BAGHDAD — Gunmen killed a Sunni cleric early Wednesday, spraying him with bullets outside a Baghdad mosque where he had just finished leading morning prayers, officials said.

White House says al-Qaida seeking A-bomb, exemplifying a new-age threat of nuclear terrorism

Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama

Netanyahu’s decision to cancel Washington trip shines spotlight on Israeli nuclear program

President  Barack Obam

Hezbollah leader says group members were summoned for questioning in Hariri’s case

Hezbollah chief: Members summoned in Hariri’s case

Lebanese officials say Hezbollah members were questioned in Hariri assassination probe

Hezbollah members questioned in Hariri case

Druse leader says his past criticism of Syria was improper, calls for new page

Jumblatt says his criticism of Syria was improper

Rattled by slaying of Hamas figure in Dubai, Lebanese Hezbollah steps up security measures

Hezbollah ups security after Hamas Dubai slaying

Slain Hamas leader rose from mechanic and bodybuilder to ‘resistance fighter’

Slain Hamas leader was mechanic, bodybuilder

Thousands of Lebanese gather in Beirut 5 years after Hariri assassination

President Barack Obama

Huge rally in Lebanon marks 5th anniversary of assassination of former PM Rafik Hariri