Gov’t drops presidential threat case against Army vet, charges him with bogus-bomb felonies

Gov’t drops presidential threat charge vs Army vet

NKorean insistence on resuming tours holds up talks on reunions of families separated by war

Talks on split families’ reunions held up

SEOUL, South Korea — Talks between the two Koreas were held up Friday after North Korea insisted that tours to its scenic Diamond Mountain resort be resumed before reunions of divided families can be held there, South Korea’s Red Cross said.

North and South Korea meet again to arrange reunions of families separated by war

2 Koreas hold talks on split families’ reunions

Mental fitness testing ordered for Illinois man accused of bomb charge, threatening Obama

Man accused of threatening Obama ordered tested

Report: South Korea indicts Christian activist for violating security laws

SKorea indicts pastor over illegal trip to NKorea

Obama widens sanctions by freezing assets of North Korean individuals, firms and agencies

President Barack Obama

State Dept. warns Americans not to visit NKorea, says few ex-presidents available for rescues


Federal contractor charged with leaking top secret North Korea intel to Fox News

Federal contractor charged with leaking secrets

With ex-President Carter in North Korea, Kim Jong Il slips over to China

Bill Clinton

Jimmy Carter arrives in Pyongyang; ex-president seeking to bring home jailed American

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan

SKorea: NKorea deploying troops, weapons near Pyongyang ahead of key national events

NKorea deploying troops, weapons near Pyongyang

AP sources: Former President Jimmy Carter going to NKorea to free American imprisoned there


SKorean police raid house of religious activist detained after making illegal trip to NKorea

lee myungbak

South Korea arrests religious activist for making illegal trip to North Korea

lee myungbak
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US Navy reports robbery of 4 commercial ships near Iraq’s southern oil hub of Basra

US Navy says 4 ships robbed off Iraqi coast

A little public humiliation not always a bad thing in sports these days

Some humiliation not always a bad thing

LeBron James has left Las Vegas, though tales still exist on the Internet of the good times he had in Sin City. Turns out what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there.

Japanese prime minister hopeful visit by ex-North Korean spy will help resolve abductee issue

Yukio Hatoyama

Ex-North Korean spy who blew up jetliner arrives in Japan to meet abductee families

Yukio Hatoyama
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Computers blamed for outages on SKorea, US websites last year repeat attacks but do no damage

Repeat of SKorea, US cyberattacks does no damage

Rooney, Ronaldo, now Messi _ soccer’s biggest stars misfire at World Cup

Rooney, Ronaldo, now Messi - stars misfire in Cup

AP Exclusive: North Korean defector killed for going back with 20 bibles to spread Gospel

AP Exclusive: NKorean killed for spreading Gospel

South Korean court sentences 2 North Koreans to prison for plot to kill prominent defector

2 NKoreans get prison terms for assassination plot

US says sinking of SKorean warship is not terrorism; Will not put NKorea back on blacklist

US: Sinking of SKorean warship not terrorism

South Korean prosecutors seek prison terms for North Koreans in alleged plot to kill defector

SKorea seeks jail for NKoreans in defector plot

Somali cook gives guns to hostage crew who kill pirate captors, but where is Ahmed now?

Somali pirate cook saves hostages, then disappears

Lizards leap no more: Annie, a female ‘Huck Finn,’ fades from comics _ her fate uncertain

Annie comic ends, but the redhead’s fate uncertain

China says North Korean border guard shot and killed 3 Chinese last week, wounded another

China says NKorean border guard killed 3 Chinese

China says North Korean border guard shot and killed 3 Chinese last week

China says NKorean guard killed 3 Chinese

BEIJING — China said Tuesday that a North Korean border guard shot and killed three people and wounded a fourth on the countries’ border last week, prompting a formal complaint from Beijing.

Clinton, in Latin America, seeks elusive solidarity on immigration, security, Honduras coup

The White House

South Korean general questioned on suspicion of giving military secrets to spy

myungbak lee copy
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Obama’s security plan emphasizes diplomacy, aid, but doesn’t disavow pre-emptive strike policy

Barack Obama (Waxwork)

Obama’s new national security strategy emphasizes global diplomacy, in contrast to Bush

Obama’s new security strategy breaks with Bush

South Korea Warship Case Solved?

Journalist imprisoned in North Korea says she confessed to government plot in ploy for mercy

Journalist says she confessed in N. Korean prison

Israel’s Peres accuses North Korea of smuggling arms and missiles to Iran

Peres says North Korea smuggling arms to Iran

North Korea says imprisoned American allowed to speak with family by phone

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2 NKorean agents arrested in alleged plot to assassinate high-profile defector living in South

2 NKoreans arrested in alleged assassination plot

SKorea arrests 2 NKorean agents for alleged plot to assassinate top-ranked defector

2 NKorean spies arrested for assassination plot

Summit agrees to guard nuke materials from terrorists; Obama says world, US, ‘more secure’