Historian: documents suggest John Demjanjuk may have been at Flossenbuerg concentration camp

Documents suggest Demjanjuk link to 2nd Nazi camp

Germany says man convicted for Nazi crimes in the Netherlands in the 1940s might be jailed

Germany looking again into Nazi criminal’s case

US historian expresses doubts about Demjanjuk’s account of his WWII whereabouts

Historian doubts Demjanjuk’s wartime account

German judge orders Demjanjuk to appear in court after several sessions canceled

Judge orders Demjanjuk to appear in court

MUNICH — John Demjanjuk must appear in court to face charges that he was a guard at the Sobibor death camp, a German judge ordered Monday despite the 90-year-old’s health complaints.

Documents on Hitler’s time in jail in 1924 being auctioned in Germany

Documents on Hitler’s jail time auctioned

FUERTH, Germany — Historical records from the prison that held Adolf Hitler in 1924 documenting the future dictator’s time behind bars sold to an anonymous bidder for euro27,000 ($33,400) Friday at an auction in Germany.

Demjanjuk defense attorney questions credibility of witness

Demjanjuk lawyer questions witness credibility

Former US prosecutor testifies that alleged Nazi guard Demjanjuk’s story inconsistent

Ex-prosecutor says Demjanjuk story inconsistent

New documents surface on Hitler’s time in jail in 1924; to be auctioned

New documents surface on Hitler’s jail time

Prosecutors open investigation into Demjanjuk witness that defense accuses of perjury

Investigation opened into Demjanjuk witness

Statements show ex-Nazi camp official did not remember Demjanjuk, but said ID card looked real

Ex-Nazi camp official did not remember Demjanjuk

German bishop facing sex abuse claims says he was pressured into resignation by his peers

Bishop says he was pressured into resignation

Witness in Demjanjuk case concedes documents could be fakes, but says they appear genuine

Demjanjuk expert: Documents could be faked

Expert witness in Demjanjuk case testifies incriminating documents appear genuine

Demjanjuk expert: documents appear genuine

AP Exclusive: Attorney fears Demjanjuk’s condition worsening as trial postponed 2nd day

AP Exclusive: Attorney fears Demjanjuk worsening

Demjanjuk trial testimony: All guards at Sobibor death camp involved in killing process

SS guard’s statements used at Demjanjuk trial

Expert tells German court Demjanjuk ID used as main evidence appears authentic

Expert: Demjanjuk ID appears authentic

MUNICH — A Nazi-issued identity card being used as key evidence in the prosecution case against John Demjanjuk appears to be original, an expert testified on Wednesday.

Demjanjuk says in first statement in German trial that he himself was 1 of Hitler’s victims

Demjanjuk casts himself as a victim of Hitler

Pope’s secretary: No comment needed on each abuse case; bishops responsible

Papal aide: pope need not comment each abuse case

Pope’s many years in ivory tower help explain troubled handling of sex abuse cases

Pope’s ivory tower past adds to his detachment

AP Interview: German abuse victim faults pope Benedict XVI, seeks compensation from church

Abuse victim faults pope, demands compensation

Sex abuse scandal means more vigorous background checks for future cardinals and pope

Abuse scandal means tough checks for future pope

Rome cardinals decry alleged anti-Catholic ‘hate’ campaign, say target is gay marriage stand

Vatican blasts anti-Catholic ‘hate’ campaign

Pope opens solemn Holy Week amid one of worst church crises in decades

Pope opens solemn Holy Week amid sex abuse crisis

Top Vatican cardinal defends pope amid sex abuse scandal, but calls for ‘housecleaning’

Top Vatican cardinal defends pope amid scandal

Pope Benedict XVI’s legacy in balance as sex abuse scandal engulfs church

Clergy abuse threatens to tarnish pope’s legacy

New sex charges against French priest; French bishops and Legionaries apologize for past abuse

New sex charges against French priest

PARIS — A priest in a town southeast of Paris was hit with sexual assault and child pornography charges after a 22-year-old former choirboy accused him of abuse, and a police search found pictures of a young parishioner in his home, a prosecutor said Friday.

Small-town French priest under investigation in sex case based on complaint, photos

French priest under investigation in sex case

Legionaries religious order, favored by John Paul II, apologies for sex abuse by founder

Legionaries religious order: sorry for sex abuse

New abuse allegation against suspended priest in Pope’s former German diocese

New abuse allegation in Pope’s former diocese

Irish bishop quits, begs ‘forgiveness and pardon’ from children abused by priests he shielded

Irish bishop resigns, apologizes to abuse victims

Germany’s Regensburg diocese says 6 people accused of abuse, asks for forgiveness

German diocese say 6 accused over abuse

REGENSBURG, Germany — Four priests and two nuns in the Regensburg diocese are under investigation for sexual abuse allegations, the diocese said Monday, as a wider picture began to emerge of incidents decades ago in the pope’s native Bavaria.

Pope rebukes Irish bishops in abuse scandal but doesn’t mention any Vatican responsibility

Pope rebukes Irish bishops in abuse scandal

Pope’s letter to Ireland over abuse cover-ups faces critical audience in wider Catholic world

Pope’s Irish letter faces critical Catholic world

Pope’s ex-diocese suspends priest convicted of sexually abusing minors in 1986

German diocese suspends convicted sex abuser

Europe’s Catholic Churches face wave of sex abuse charges, fear more to come

Child abuse claims sweep Catholic Church in Europe

Vatican: pope showed courage on sex cases, attempts to involve him in scandals ‘failed’

Vatican officials defend pope on abuse

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican on Saturday denounced what it called aggressive attempts to drag Pope Benedict XVI into the spreading scandals of pedophile priests in his German homeland. It also insisted that church confidentiality doesn’t prevent bishops from reporting abuse to police.

German sex scandal reaches pope with transfer of pedophile and criticism of Vatican letter

Pope under fire for transfer, letter on sex abuse

Pope’s former diocese admits error over priest in 1980, says pontiff unaware

Pope’s former diocese admits error over priest

Germany’s top educator criticizes church over growing abuse scandal

German schools angry over church abuse scandal

Church abuse scandal reaches pope’s brother, threatens to throw papacy into turmoil

Church abuse scandal reaches pope’s brother

German bishops to investigate all abuse charges, including at choir once led by pope’s brother

German Catholics to investigate abuse charges

APNewsBreak: Regensburg diocese in Germany to examine abuse claims at pope’s brother’s choir

APNewsBreak: German diocese to examine choir abuse

German bishops conference to investigate all abuse charges; Pope’s brother praised for apology

German bishops to investigate abuse charges

German Bishops Conference to investigate Catholic school abuse claims in Germany

German Catholic bishops to examine abuse claims

German prelate praises apology by Pope’s brother to abuse victims, calls it a ‘wonderful sign’

Pope’s brother praised for his apology to victims

Former guard testifies that Demjanjuk served at Nazi concentration camp in Germany

Former guard says Demjanjuk was at Nazi camp

Former guard in Nazi camp testifies at Demjanjuk trial in Germany

Demjanjuk trial: Former Nazi camp guard testifies

Holocaust expert testifies in Demjanjuk trial: Sobibor was a death sentence

Holocaust expert testifies in Demjanjuk trial

Demjanjuk’s attorney questions evidence that led to charges

Demjanjuk’s attorney questions evidence

MUNICH — John Demjanjuk’s defense lawyer on Wednesday questioned the validity of evidence presented by a top German investigator, including an identity card that allegedly shows his client was a guard at the Nazi’s Sobibor death camp.

German investigator: Demjanjuk had inconsistent statements about his whereabouts during WWII

Witness: Demjanjuk’s statements inconsistent