Mexican, US authorities searching border lake for American tourist reportedly shot by pirates

Search on for tourist reported shot on border lake

Texas gov. tangles with Mexican government over handling of reported shooting at border lake

Texas gov. pressuring Mexico over lake shooting

Family, wife of man reportedly shot on Texas-Mexico border lake visits area, lays wreath

Wife visits border lake where man reportedly shot

ATF, Mexico aim to expand program to trace illegal weapons seized in drug war

ATF: New accord with Mexico will boost gun traces

APNewsBreak: Perry urges Mexican president to help investigate lake shooting

APNewsBreak: Perry seeks Mexico’s help in probe

Judge orders Mexican singer Jenni Rivera to face trial for failing to declare cash at airport

Jenni Rivera to face trial for cash smuggling

Human Rights court rules that Mexico is responsible for soldier rapes of indigenous women

Human Rights Court: Mexico responsible for rapes

Mexican marines nab 30 alleged Gulf cartel members, seize arms in drug war-torn border state

30 Gulf cartel suspects captured in north Mexico

Mexican soldiers detain drug cartel suspect blamed in deadly Cancun bar fire

Mexico detains suspected Zetas leader for Cancun

Mexican news media grapple with life in shadow of drug cartels following stunning editorial

Mexico journalists debate cartels, self-censorship

Juarez editorial ignites rare public debate over rampant intimidation and impunity in Mexico

Juarez editorial ignites a beleaguered Mexico

Frenchwoman convicted of kidnapping releases book in Mexico detailing case inconsistencies

French kidnap convict releases book in Mexico

Calderon government says it is preparing plan to protect journalists in Mexico

Mexico prepares plan to protect journalists

Police force resigns in Mexican town, suspected drug capo ordered held during investigation

Police in Mexican town resign, drug capo held

On 200th birthday, Mexico hopes to forget violence with grand fiesta celebrating proud history

Fiesta! Mexico wants violence-free 200th birthday

Mexico’s top immigration official resigns in wake of massacre of 72 migrants

Mexican immigration official quits after massacre

Mexico ups security amid concerns that cartels could attack bicentennial celebrations

Mexico ups security on bicentennial attack concern

Mexico says some drug capos now surrendering without a fight when surrounded

Mexico: drug capos now surrendering without fight

Mexican marines capture a presumed leader of Beltran Leyva cartel amid crackdown on drug gangs

Mexican marines arrest presumed drug kingpin

Mexican marines arrested a presumed leader of Beltran Leyva cartel

Mexican marines arrest presumed drug kingpin

Violence, drugs, corruption: On 200th birthday, Mexico troubled by what it sees in the mirror

On 200th birthday, Mexico battered but not broken

25 people killed in Mexican border city, 85 escape from border prison

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Despite report of planned raid, police who caught Mexican drug capo didn’t know who he was

Mexican police didn’t know they’d caught drug capo

Critics say Mexico slow in acting on lessons from Colombia’s dismantling of killer cartels

Critics say Mexico needs to learn from Colombia

Another Mexican mayor slain; Clinton angers Mexico by comparing it to Colombia decades ago

3rd Mexican mayor in month slain by hit men

Mexican mayor killed, marines arrest 7 suspects in massacre of 72 migrants

Mexican mayor killed, massacre suspects arrested

Mayor of small northern Mexico town killed by gunmen in third such slaying in last month

Mayor of northern Mexico town killed by gunmen

Mexican marines arrest 7 alleged gunmen in massacre of 72 migrants

Mexican marines arrest 7 in killing of 72 migrants

2 bodies found in northern Mexico are apparently officials who investigated migrant massacre

Mexico: 2 bodies likely massacre investigators

7 Mexican women who claimed they were sentenced to decades in prison for miscarriages freed

7 women in ‘miscarriage’ cases freed in Mexico

3 more suspects in Mexico migrant massacre found dead following anonymous tip

3 suspects in Mexico migrant massacre found dead

Mexico judge orders US-born alleged drug lord ‘La Barbie’ held 40 days for investigation

Judge orders alleged kingpin ‘La Barbie’ held

Mexico judge orders US-born drug lord ‘La Barbie’ held for 40 days pending investigation

Judge orders US-born kingpin ‘La Barbie’ held

Calderon urges Mexicans to support his drug war, says rising violence is price worth paying

President Barack Obama

Calderon’s state of nation report cites gains in security, economic growth for Mexico

Calderon: Mexico shows gains in security, economy

Captured Mexico drug kingpin ‘the Barbie’ says in video he knew top capos, transported cocaine

Video: Captured Mexican drug lord knew top capos

Purported Texas-born drug kingpin ‘the Barbie’ captured by federal police in central Mexico

Mexico captures reported drug lord ‘the Barbie’

Edgar “La Barbie” Valdez Villarreal Arrested


Mexico’s attorney general says Texas-born durg kingpin ‘the Barbie’ has been captured

Mexico says drug lord ‘the Barbie’ captured

10 percent of Mexican federal police have been fired this year for failing corruption checks

Mexico has fired 10 pct of federal police in 2010

Mexican president: Mayor slain in violence-plagued border state of Tamaulipas

Mayor in violent Mexican border state killed

Mexico federal prosecutors take over probe of migrant massacre, survivor opts to leave country

Mexico launches federal probe of migrant massacre

Car bomb explodes outside Mexico TV station

MEXICO CITY - A car bomb exploded in front of a television station in a city in northeastern Mexico, but there were no reports of any casualties.

Mexico proposes new limits on cash sales in pesos to fight drug cartels’ money laundering

Mexico may get anti-laundering limit on cash sales

Death of 72 migrants at Mexican ranch highlights brutally of human trafficking

Drug cartel suspected in massacre of 72 migrants

Mexican government: 72 migrants found dead at ranch may have been killed by Zetas drug gang

Drug cartel suspected in massacre of 72 migrants

Mexican federal official: Witness says 72 people found dead near US border were migrants

Official: 72 found dead in Mexico may be migrants

Marines find 72 bodies at suspected drug cartel cadaver dumping ground in northern Mexico

Marines find 72 bodies in northern Mexico

MEXICO CITY — Mexican marines have found the dumped bodies of 72 people at a ranch in northern Mexico following a shootout with suspected drug cartel gunmen that left one marine and three suspects dead, the Navy reported late Tuesday.

Mexican state prosecutor says Zetas drug gang ordered killing of mayor in northern Mexico

Mexico: Zetas gang ordered killing of mayor

Parents demand justice for Finnish activist killed in ambush on Mexican aid caravan

Parents demand justice for Finn killed in Mexico