Ohio woman admits posing as boy to be with teen girl, pleads guilty to sexual imposition

Ohio woman pretended to be boy to date teen girl

Hezbollah and its ally Syria say ‘false witnesses’ throw Hariri tribunal into doubt

Hezbollah, Syria seek to discredit Hariri tribunal

Mideast’s other crisis: 5-year-old murder threatens political meltdown and violence in Lebanon

5-year-old murder stokes dangerous Lebanon crisis

Lebanon prime minister says it was mistake to accuse Syria of killing his father, Rafik Hariri

Lebanon PM: Wrong to accuse Syria in Hariri death

Lebanese authorities arrest 4 suspects in deadly street battle in Beirut

Lebanon arrests 4 after deadly Beirut shootout

Witnesses say traffic dispute preceded deadly Beirut clashes

Witnesses: Traffic dispute preceded Beirut clashes

Hezbollah leader presents material he says implicates Israel in Hariri’s assassination

Hezbollah accuses Israel of Hariri assassination

Ohio woman accused of dressing, posing as teenage boy to have sexual relations with girl

Ohio woman accused of posing as boy to date girl

Syrian, Saudi leaders fly together to Lebanon ahead of possible indictments in assassination

Syria, Saudi leaders travel together to Lebanon

Hezbollah leader says Lebanese PM told him members will be indicted in Hariri’s assassination

Hezbollah: Members to be indicted in Hariri death

Lebanese general asks Hariri murder tribunal for records to learn why he was jailed 4 years

Lebanese general seeks court record in Hariri case

Authorities say Ohio woman posed as boy to have sexual relationship with teen girl

Police: Ohio woman posed as boy to be with girl

Wife appeals for release of Lebanese TV psychic held in Saudi Arabia on witchcraft charges

Wife of Lebanese psychic appeals for his release

Former US ambassador says US should talk to Hezbollah, considered by US as terrorist group

Mideast expert calls for US talks with Hezbollah

Ohio couple accused of conspiring to provide thousands of dollars to Mideast terrorist group

Ohio couple arrested on terror conspiracy charges

Judge sentences ex-NBA player Kirk Snyder to 3 years in prison in Ohio burglary-assault case

Ex-NBA player Snyder sentenced in Ohio break-in

Lebanon’s foreign ministry criticizes visit by US anti-terrorism team to border with Syria

US tour near Syrian border criticized in Lebanon

Saudis will not behead visiting Lebanese psychic on charges of witchcraft, says lawyer

Saudis not to behead Lebanese psychic

BEIRUT — A Lebanese TV psychic, who was condemned to death for witchcraft by a Saudi court while visiting the country, will not be beheaded, his lawyer said Wednesday.

Hariri tribunal top official says justice necessary in case for Lebanon’s long-term stability

Hariri tribunal official says justice necessary

Lebanese psychic on death row in Saudi Arabia is man of religion, says his family

Family defends Lebanese psychic jailed in Saudi

Lawyer of Lebanese man convicted for witchcraft in Saudi says he won’t be beheaded Friday

Lebanese not to be beheaded Friday for witchcraft

Ex-NBA player Kirk Snyder convicted of burglary, assault in break-in at neighbor’s Ohio home

Ex-NBA player Snyder convicted in Ohio break-in

Lawyer of Lebanese man convicted in Saudi for witchcraft says he could be beheaded Friday

Lawyer: Saudi could behead Lebanese for witchcraft

Hezbollah leader says group members were summoned for questioning in Hariri’s case

Hezbollah chief: Members summoned in Hariri’s case

Lebanese officials say Hezbollah members were questioned in Hariri assassination probe

Hezbollah members questioned in Hariri case

Trade in endangered animals flourishing in Middle East, fueled by corruption, weak legislation

UN animal conference tackles Mideast animal trade

Druse leader says his past criticism of Syria was improper, calls for new page

Jumblatt says his criticism of Syria was improper

Rattled by slaying of Hamas figure in Dubai, Lebanese Hezbollah steps up security measures

Hezbollah ups security after Hamas Dubai slaying

Thousands of Lebanese gather in Beirut 5 years after Hariri assassination