Raul Castro says US ignored trio of offers to improve cooperation on counterterrorism

Castro: US ignored its offers on counterterrorism

Cuban human rights leader details govt offer of freedom for more prisoners

Rights leader: More Cuban prisoners to go free

Cuba has approached more political prisoners about being freed into exile, top activist says

Cuba may free more political prisoners into exile

Church: 3 more political prisoners to be released from Cuban jail

Church announces release of 3 Cuba prisoners

Church reveals names of 4 more political prisoners Cuba to free into exile in Spain

Cuba to free 4 more political prisoners into exile

New photos show Cuba’s Fidel Castro visiting Havana aquarium with US journalist, analyst

New photos show Fidel Castro with US journalist

In Cuba, New Mexico governor discusses case of jailed US contractor with top island officials

In Cuba, Richardson raises case of jailed American

Cuban Catholic Church reveals names of 6 more prisoners Castro’s gov’t has promised to free

Cuba to free 6 more political prisoners into exile

Cuba holds closed trial for 3 armed men arrested in ‘01, linked to US anti-Castro group

Cuba tries armed men tied to US anti-Castro group

Cuba charges Chilean executive linked to Castro in corruption probe, calls for his capture

Cuba calls for capture of Chilean in fraud probe

Cuban human rights group wants 69 political prisoners paroled, despite violent crimes of many

Cuba group wants parole for 69 ‘political’ inmates

The number of political prisoners in Cuba still a murky question depending on who’s counting

Number of political prisoners in Cuba still murky

Paralyzed Cuban political prisoner wins permission to leave island, headed to US next week

Paralyzed Cuban political prisoner headed to US

Cuba summons Chilean businessman Max Marambio in corruption investigation

Cuba orders Chilean to appear in corruption probe

Brief biographies on 7 Cuban political prisoners released to Spain

Brief biographies on 7 Cubans released to Spain

Cuba releases 7 political prisoners, sends them with their families into exile in Spain

Cuba frees 7 political prisoners into exile

Spain says 7 political dissidents and their families set to leave Cuba for new life in Madrid

7 Cuban prisoners will go to Spain with families

Cuban church officials reveal names of 5 more prisoners Castro’s gov’t has promised to free

Cuban Church announces release of 5 more prisoners

Catholic Church says Cuba offers to free 52 political prisoners, let them leave country

Church: Cuba offers to free 52 political prisoners

Top rights group says Cuba political prisoners down to 167, nearly half of total from ‘06

Cuban political prisoners list dips to 167

Amnesty report: Cuba stifles dissent, creates climate of fear inhibiting freedom of expression

Amnesty: Cuba courts complicit in stifling dissent

Cuban opposition activist found guilty of buying black-market cement, but freed on time served

Cuban dissident found guilty, then freed

HAVANA — A Cuban court found prominent opposition leader Darsy Ferrer guilty of purchasing black-market cement Tuesday, but he was released on time served since it took nearly a year for his case to go to trial.

US official fires back at Cuba, says Washington has every right to comment on island matters

Cuban and US officials keep up tit-for-tat spat

Cuba reacts angrily to inclusion on US list of countries that fail to fight human trafficking

President Barack Obama

US officials applaud release of Cuban political prisoner; trial date set for another

US applauds release of Cuban political prisoner

Cuba frees ailing political prisoner, transfers 6 closer to home in deal with Catholic Church

Cuba frees 1 political prisoner, transfers 6 more

US, human rights leader call for freedom for Cuban political prisoners

US calls for freeing of Cuba prisoners

HAVANA — The U.S. government and a top Cuban human rights activist on Wednesday urged the island’s leaders to release jailed political prisoners, not just transfer them to facilities nearer to their homes.

Cuba moves 7 political prisoners nearer homes, part of deal to better conditions behind bars

Cuba moving 7 political prisoners nearer homes

Cuba moves some political prisoners nearer home, part of deal to better conditions behind bars

Cuba moving some political prisoners nearer homes

Cuba’s top judge: No legal case yet against jailed US contractor nearly 6 months after arrest

Cuba says no case yet against jailed American

Cuban appeals court voids jail sentence for dissident blogger linked to Ladies in White

Cuban appeals court voids jail time for dissident

Independent Cuban journalist jailed for mistreating her grown daughter released pending appeal

Cuba frees backer of dissident group amid appeal

Activist: Cuban reporter who supports Ladies in White jailed for ‘mistreating’ daughter

Activist: Cuban backer of Ladies in White jailed

Chilean businessmen found dead in Havana after being detained during investigation by Cuba

Chilean businessman dead after detention in Cuba

Cuban police break up traditional weekly protest march by ‘Ladies in White’ dissident group

Police bar Cuba’s ‘Ladies in White’ from marching

Cuba’s Communist Party seeks help from religious leaders in stopping corruption, graft, apathy

Cuba wants churches’ help in stopping corruption

Cuba replaces its attorney general, a former rebel fighter, for health reasons

Cuban attorney general out due to health reasons

Cuban security agents prevent female dissidents from marching in Havana

Cuban security agents break up protest march

Amnesty calls for freedom of expression, release of political prisoners in Cuba

Amnesty calls for more freedom in Cuba

HAVANA — The human rights group Amnesty international appealed to Cuban President Raul Castro to release political prisoners and scrap laws that restrict fundamental freedoms, using the seventh anniversary of a major crackdown on dissent to call for change.

Dissident hunger strike in central Cuba rushed to hospital after week without food

Cuban hunger striker briefly hospitalized

HAVANA — A dissident journalist who has refused food and water for a week was rushed to the intensive care unit of a hospital in central Cuba after losing consciousness, then returned home when doctors said they could do nothing for him if he refused to eat, a spokeswoman for his family said Wednesday.

Cuba’s state newscast devotes lengthy report to denying gov’t let dissident hunger striker die

Cuba TV report denies gov’t let hunger striker die

Cuba’s Raul Castro says he regrets death of imprisoned dissident after hunger strike

Cuban president regrets jailed dissident’s death

Cuba’s Raul Castro says he regrets death of dissident after hunger strike

Cuban president regrets dissident’s death

HAVANA — Cuban President Raul Castro issued an unprecedented statement of regret on Wednesday over the death of a jailed dissident after a lengthy hunger strike that has sparked condemnation in Washington and in European capitals.

Cuban President Raul Castro says he regrets the death of a Cuban dissident after hunger strike

Raul Castro regrets imprisoned dissident’s death

Washington and Europe conemn death of Cuban dissident after hunger strike

Washington, Europe condemn death of Cuba dissident

Activists say Cuban dissident jailed since ‘03 dies after hunger strike; US lawmakers outraged

Activists: Cuba dissident dies after hunger strike

Cuban dissident jailed since ‘03 dies after long hunger strike; US lawmakers express outrage

Cuban dissident dies after hunger strike

HAVANA — An opposition political activist imprisoned since 2003 died Tuesday after a lengthy hunger strike, members of Cuba’s human rights community said.

Cuba says American delegation’s meeting with dissidents shows Washington supports ’subversion’