Police: 3 terror suspects arrested in Norway in July were planning to attack Danish newspaper

Police: Norway terror plot targeted Danish paper

UN health agency says 40 young people are victims of homicide every day in Europe

UN agency: 40 youths murdered daily in Europe

Polish court orders Chechen separatist leader Zakayev released pending extradition proceedings

Poland: Court releases Chechen separatist leader

Chechen separatist Zakayev wanted in Russia arrested while attending conference in Poland

Chechen separatist Zakayev arrested in Poland

Danish police say blast suspect took serial number off prosthetic leg to hinder identification

Danish police unable to ID hotel blast suspect

Danish police consider hotel blast as possible terror attack; suspect proclaims innocence

Danes say minor hotel blast could be terror attack

Denmark accuses Kurdish language TV station of promoting terrorist group

Denmark alleges Kurdish TV station promoted terror

Denmark navy helicopter foils pirates off the coast of Somalia, firing warning shots

Denmark navy helicopter foils pirates

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Denmark’s navy says a helicopter from one its warships has foiled a pirate attack off the coast of Somalia.

Norway al-Qaida case highlights special Scandinavian counterterrorism strategy

Norway al-Qaida case highlights terror strategy

Danish prosecutor charges Somali who attacked prophet cartoonist with terrorism

Terror charge in alleged Danish cartoonist attack

Indonesian police foiled planned attacks on Danish Embassy, security forces: report

Indonesia foils plot on Danish Embassy: report

Justice Dept. says investigators from India interviewed US citizen linked to Mumbai attacks

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan

Controversial Danish Muhammad cartoonist to retire near 75, hoping to lower terror threat

Danish Muhammad cartoonist retires near age 75

Danish police drop investigation into church sexual abuse cases seen as obsolete

Danish police drop church sexual abuse probe

Short of evidence, witnesses, Dutch prosecutors face tough case against 5 Somali pirates

5 Somalis face piracy charges in Dutch trial

Denmark’s Soren Hansen found guilty of tax evasion, fined $1.1 million

Denmark’s Hansen fined $1.1M for tax evasion

Dutch security officials: Terrorism threat for fans at World Cup is real, but no new measures

Dutch authorities fear World Cup terrorism threat

Swedish security police arrest man for plotting terror attack in Somalia

Swedish man arrested for plotting Somalia attack

Prosecutors accuse Pakistani-born Chicago taxi driver of attempting to send funds to al-Qaida

Chicago taxi driver accused of supporting al-Qaida

Jews say hate crimes and anti-Israel rage are driving some of them out of their Swedish city

Muslim-Jewish tensions roil a Swedish city

Attorneys say American who admitted scouting for Mumbai attack is telling terrorists’ secrets

Attorneys: Chicago man providing info on terrorism

Chicago man admits he scouted for Mumbai massacre and plotted attack on Danish paper

Terror suspect admits scouting for Mumbai massacre

Chicago man pleads guilty to scouting Mumbai for terror attack; plotting attack in Denmark

Chicago terrorism suspect pleads guilty

CHICAGO — A Chicago man has pleaded guilty to charges alleging he scouted out the Indian city of Mumbai before a terrorist attack that left 166 dead and planning to attack a Danish newspaper whose cartoons offended many Muslims.

Chicago man accused of scouting Mumbai, India, before terror attack expected to plead guilty

Chicago terror suspected expected to plead guilty

Irish police arrest 7 over alleged plot to kill Swedish artist who portrayed Muhammad as a dog

Irish arrest 7 over threat to kill Swedish artist

Irish police arrest 7 over alleged plot to kill Swedish cartoonist who drew Muhammad as dog

7 arrested in Ireland over Swedish cartoonist plot

Danish special forces disrupt pirate takeover of ship, naval spokesman says

Danish forces disrupt pirate takeover of ship

Danish special forces storm ship captured by Somali pirates, free crew, NATO Naval Force says

Danish forces free ship captured by pirates

Danish special forces storm ship captured by Somali pirates, free 25 crew, EU Naval Force says

Danish forces free ship captured by pirates

Custody extended for Somali man accused of attacking creator of Muhammad cartoon

Custody extended for suspect in cartoonist attack

Radical Somali Islamists linked to al-Qaida recruiting youth in Swedish suburbs

Sweden rattled by Somali militants in its midst

2 Chicago men accused of laying groundwork for 2008 Mumbai attack indicted on terror charges

Ill. terrorism suspects indicted in Mumbai attack

Somali man faces terror charge for attack on Danish cartoonist

Somali faces terror charge for cartoonist attack

Texas teen who police say admitted hiring friend to kill mom tells paper he wasn’t involved

Texas teen says he didn’t hire friend to kill mom

AP Interview: Danish cartoonist says police cannot protect him from spontaneous attackers

Danish cartoonist defends police who protect him

Kenyan police: Suspect charged with trying to kill Danish cartoonist was on terror watch list

Kenya: Cartoonist attack suspect on watch list

Reports: Somali man who allegedly attacked Danish cartoonist previously arrested in Kenya