Hezbollah and its ally Syria say ‘false witnesses’ throw Hariri tribunal into doubt

Hezbollah, Syria seek to discredit Hariri tribunal

Mideast’s other crisis: 5-year-old murder threatens political meltdown and violence in Lebanon

5-year-old murder stokes dangerous Lebanon crisis

Lebanon prime minister says it was mistake to accuse Syria of killing his father, Rafik Hariri

Lebanon PM: Wrong to accuse Syria in Hariri death

Lebanese authorities arrest 4 suspects in deadly street battle in Beirut

Lebanon arrests 4 after deadly Beirut shootout

Witnesses say traffic dispute preceded deadly Beirut clashes

Witnesses: Traffic dispute preceded Beirut clashes

Hezbollah chief calls on Lebanon to build nuclear reactor

BEIRUT - Seyyed Hassan Nasarllah, leader of the Lebanese Shia movement Hezbollah, called on Lebanon’s government to follow Tehran’s footsteps and build a nuclear facility to generate electricity like the reactor in Bushehr, Iran.

Lebanese Army kills two Al Qaeda-linked militants

BEIRUT - Lebanese Army troops Saturday killed two militants loyal to Al Qaeda in eastern Lebanon, security sources said.

Hezbollah leader presents material he says implicates Israel in Hariri’s assassination

Hezbollah accuses Israel of Hariri assassination

Syrian, Saudi leaders fly together to Lebanon ahead of possible indictments in assassination

Syria, Saudi leaders travel together to Lebanon

Hezbollah leader says Lebanese PM told him members will be indicted in Hariri’s assassination

Hezbollah: Members to be indicted in Hariri death

Wife appeals for release of Lebanese TV psychic held in Saudi Arabia on witchcraft charges

Wife of Lebanese psychic appeals for his release

Former US ambassador says US should talk to Hezbollah, considered by US as terrorist group

Mideast expert calls for US talks with Hezbollah

With 10 on death row, Iran seeks to link opposition to unpopular exile group

With death sentences, Iran seeks to cow opposition

31 Al Qaeda men jailed by Lebanese court

BEIRUT - A Lebanese military court Wednesday sentenced 31 men, found guilty of belonging to an Al Qaeda-inspired militant group, to prison terms of 5 to 15 years.

Lebanon’s foreign ministry criticizes visit by US anti-terrorism team to border with Syria

US tour near Syrian border criticized in Lebanon

Saudis will not behead visiting Lebanese psychic on charges of witchcraft, says lawyer

Saudis not to behead Lebanese psychic

BEIRUT — A Lebanese TV psychic, who was condemned to death for witchcraft by a Saudi court while visiting the country, will not be beheaded, his lawyer said Wednesday.

Hariri tribunal top official says justice necessary in case for Lebanon’s long-term stability

Hariri tribunal official says justice necessary

Lawyer of Lebanese man convicted for witchcraft in Saudi says he won’t be beheaded Friday

Lebanese not to be beheaded Friday for witchcraft

Lawyer of Lebanese man convicted in Saudi for witchcraft says he could be beheaded Friday

Lawyer: Saudi could behead Lebanese for witchcraft

Hezbollah leader says group members were summoned for questioning in Hariri’s case

Hezbollah chief: Members summoned in Hariri’s case

Lebanese officials say Hezbollah members were questioned in Hariri assassination probe

Hezbollah members questioned in Hariri case

Lebanese military court convicts 20 for Al Qaeda links

BEIRUT - A Lebanese military court Tuesday sentenced 20 people from various Arab nationalities to prison terms of up to 15 years for belonging to the Al Qaeda terrorist network, a source at the justice ministry said.

Trade in endangered animals flourishing in Middle East, fueled by corruption, weak legislation

UN animal conference tackles Mideast animal trade

Druse leader says his past criticism of Syria was improper, calls for new page

Jumblatt says his criticism of Syria was improper

Journalists bear brunt of government crackdown in Iran, says watchdog

Iran tops list of jailers of journalists in world

Rattled by slaying of Hamas figure in Dubai, Lebanese Hezbollah steps up security measures

Hezbollah ups security after Hamas Dubai slaying

Thousands of Lebanese gather in Beirut 5 years after Hariri assassination

President Barack Obama

Huge rally in Lebanon marks 5th anniversary of assassination of former PM Rafik Hariri

U.S. President Barack Obama

Government clampdown at anniversary rally forces Iran’s opposition to reassess strategy

Iran opposition reassess options after crackdown

Lebanese worried that tribunal on former PM assassination stalling

Lebanese fear stall in tribunal on Hariri slaying

Israeli officials: Slain Hamas commander was key figure in smuggling weapons from Iran to Gaza

Israel: Slain Hamas leader key arms smuggler

Protest in Lebanon for release of Cubans jailed in US

BEIRUT - Hundreds of Lebanese and Palestinians held a demonstration here in support of Cuba and demanded the release of five Cubans in US jails, having been convicted of terrorist activities in that country.

Radio caller threatens Al Qaeda attacks on targets in Lebanon

BEIRUT - Two Lebanese radio stations Tuesday reportedly received calls from a person claiming to represent terrorist network Al Qaeda, threatening bomb attacks within that country.

Explosion kills Hamas member in Beirut

BEIRUT - A member of the Palestinian movement Hamas was killed and two others were wounded Saturday when a bomb exploded in Beirut’s southern suburbs, a hotbed of Lebanon’s militant Shia group Hezbollah, media reports and a security source said.

Lebanon’s drug exports seen rebounding, adding new complications to Mideast crisis

Renewed Lebanese drug trade hikes Mideast tensions