Argentina grants political asylum to leftist accused of killing Chilean senator

Argentina gives asylum to alleged Chilean assassin

Officials say Mexican mayor killed in $6,000 contract hit over land dispute; 2 men arrested

Mexico officials: Mayor killed in $6,000 hit

Justice Department asks judge to dismiss lawsuit filed on behalf of radical cleric

DoJ seeks to dismiss suit filed for radical cleric

White House cites state secrets, seeks dismissal of targeted killing lawsuit filed for cleric

WH: lawsuit wants targeted killing lawsuit dropped

Mideast’s other crisis: 5-year-old murder threatens political meltdown and violence in Lebanon

5-year-old murder stokes dangerous Lebanon crisis

Spain asks SAfrica to hand over ex-Rwandan general accused of genocide who survived shooting

Spain asks SAfrica to extradite ex-Rwanda general

Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service lifts the lid, a little, with an official history

UK spies spill secrets in official history of MI6

Critics say Mexico slow in acting on lessons from Colombia’s dismantling of killer cartels

Critics say Mexico needs to learn from Colombia

Venezuelan man suspected of using Twitter to incite assassination of President Chavez

Venezuela: Man used Twitter to try to kill Chavez

Judge orders mental evaluation for ex-soldier accused of taking hostages at Ga. Army hospital