Australia, Britain warn of Philippine travel

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MANILA - Australia and Britain Tuesday warned against travelling to the Philippines over fears of an imminent terrorist attack after a parcel bomb scare in the US.

“Reliable reports indicate that terrorist attacks may be imminent in Manila, including places frequented by foreigners, such as large shopping malls and convention centres,” the Australian travel advisory said.

It added that other possible targets included markets, embassies, clubs, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, public transport, schools and major sporting events.

In urging its citizens against travelling to the Philippines, Britain noted that Al Qaeda-linked militants operate in the country’s southern region of Mindanao.

“Terrorist groups continue to plan attacks and have the capacity and the intent to carry out these attacks at any time and anywhere in the country,” it said.

Senior Superintendent Agrimero Cruz, national police spokesman, said the police have not monitored any direct threat from the Philippines but stressed that the intelligence community had a close eye on the situation.

“The intelligence community is monitoring constantly the movements and activities of different threat groups in the country to ensure that no untoward incident occurs,” he said.

Security authorities in the Philippines have been on alert since two parcel bombs destined for the US from Yemen were intercepted Friday.

The bombs, addressed to Chicago synagogues, were discovered on Qatar Airways aircraft in the United Arab Emirates and Britain.

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