Al-Shabab attacks hotel in Somalia; 32 killed, including 6 lawmakers

Barack Obama (Waxwork)
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Kenya accused of illegally transferring 4 terror suspects to Uganda after World Cup bombings

Kenya accused of illegally transferring 4 suspects

Four men admit to Uganda bombings

UGANDA - Four Ugandan men Thursday confessed they were behind bomb blasts that left 76 people dead in the Ugandan capital Kampala, saying they were targeting Americans.

Rights group says Lord’s Resistance Army killed 255 over 18 months in central Africa

Ugandan rebels said to kill 255 in central Africa

Man charged with harboring Ugandans once said part of al-Qaida plot to blow up US Embassy

Kenyan accused of harboring Uganda terror suspects

Uganda court charges 3 men on terrorism, murder, attempted murder charges after deadly blasts

Uganda court charges 3 men over deadly blasts

Va. man charged with supporting terror group appears in court, second hearing set for Friday

‘South Park’ critic in Va. court on terror charge

FBI, Homeland Sec: Terror attacks in Uganda could signal potential of al-Shabab terrorists