In Turkey, some see culture clash in gang’s assault on art galleries on opening night

Turkey: gallery attack ignites debate

ISTANBUL — The gang of several dozen men with sticks and pepper spray moved methodically from one art gallery to the next, assaulting overflow crowds that had spilled into the streets during the joint opening of several exhibitions in the center of Istanbul.

Kosovo: French Gendarme wounded in ethnic clash sparked by Turkey’s basketball win over Serbia

Kosovo: French Gendarme injured in Kosovo clash

Iran UN mission says female American held for 13 months to be released

Iran to release female American after 13 months

Turkish exhibit displays coup-era torture instruments ahead of constitutional referendum

Torture tools displayed ahead of Turkey referendum

Denmark accuses Kurdish language TV station of promoting terrorist group

Denmark alleges Kurdish TV station promoted terror

Alleged Norway bomb plot points to pitfalls of al-Qaida’s new looser structure

Norway ‘bomb plot’ underscores al-Qaida pitfalls

Self-exiled tycoon Asil Nadir returns to UK to face fraud charges after 17 years as a fugitive

Fugitive Turkish Cypriot tycoon returns to UK

Protesters demand the release of politicians accused of plotting to topple Turkey’s govt

Protest in Turkey against detention of politicians

Greek court releases Serbia center after night in custody following basketball brawl

Serbia center released after basketball brawl

American says he faces deportation from Turkey for reports on Kurdish conflict

American faces deportation from Turkey

ANKARA, Turkey — An American detained for allegedly collaborating with Kurdish militants said Tuesday he was being targeted because of his writings about the war between Turkey and the guerrillas.

Turkey’s government, military reach agreement on filling top armed forces posts

Turkish government, military reach deal on posts

Iran stoning case lawyer seeking asylum in Norway, hopes to return to Iran eventually

Iran stoning case lawyer seeking asylum in Norway

Report: Turkish groom kills 3 guests by firing automatic weapon into air in celebration

Report: Groom kills 3 guest in accidental shooting

Kurds in Turkey’s military play conflicted role in battle against separatist ethnic kin

Kurds have conflicted role in Turkish military

UNHCR: Lawyer who defended Iranian woman in stoning case is in Turkey

UNHCR: Lawyer in Iranian stoning case in Turkey

Turkish military ponders promoting commanders implicated in coup plot

Turkish military could promote charged officers

Company lawyer says Somali pirates release Turkish ship months after hijacking off Somalia

Somali pirates release hijacked ship off Somalia

Turkish court orders arrest of 102 suspects, including former generals, in alleged coup plot

Turkish court orders arrest of 102 in coup plot

Report: court indicts 196 in alleged Turkish coup plot

Report: 196 indicted in alleged Turkish coup plot

Oil smuggling to Iran, in violation of US sanctions, fuels spat between Baghdad, Kurds

The White House

Cyprus case of the alleged Russian spy recalls Med island’s rich tradition as an espionage hub

Cyprus, a familiar stopover in spy lore

LARNACA, Cyprus — The parade of foreigners who trod on Cypriot shores is long and ancient. Kings, sages, crusaders, merchants, tourists. Hittites, Assyrians, Romans, Venetians, Britons, Turks. They came in war and peace. One group, the spies, came in secrecy.

Suspected paymaster of Russian spy ring, now a fugitive, resembled a budget tourist in Cyprus

Cyprus: how an alleged Russian spy eluded capture

Cyprus justice minister says he believes alleged Russian spy has fled island

Cyprus official: Russian spy has fled island

US embassy denies reports it is holding alleged Russian spy fugitive who jumped bail in Cyprus

US embassy denies reports it has 11th spy fugitive

The fugitive: Alleged Russian spy paymaster jumps bail and disappears in Cyprus

Cyprus hunts for alleged Russian spy paymaster

Cyprus hunts for alleged Russian spy paymaster who jumped bail and disappeared

Cyprus hunts for alleged Russian spy who fled

Cyprus police step up search for vanished suspect in Russian spy ring

Cyprus police seek vanished Russian spy suspect

Cypriot police say they are search for alleged Russian spy who vanished after release on bail

Cypriot police say Russian spying suspect vanished

Supreme Court upholds law barring “material support” to terrorist groups

High court upholds anti-terror law

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court has upheld a federal law that bars “material support” to foreign terrorist organizations, rejecting a free speech challenge from humanitarian aid groups.

21 Asian nations denounce Israeli raid at end of security summit in Istanbul

Olympic judo team

Israeli military sets up panel to examine deadly raid on Gaza-bound flotilla

Olympic judo team
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As pressure builds to find Gaza solution, Egypt says it will keep border open indefinitely

Egypt to keep open border with impoverished Gaza

Turkey calls on Israel to accept international probe into deadly flotilla raid

Turkey calls on Israel to accept probe into raid

Declaring Gaza blockade a failure, Egypt says it will keep its border open indefinitely

Egypt: Gaza blockade a failure, border stays open

Biden says US and allies are looking for new ways to address problems in blockaded Gaza Strip

Biden: US seeks new ways to address Gaza problems

Week after flotilla attack, Israeli navy fires on Palestinian militants off Gaza, kills 4

Israel navy kills 4 Palestinian militants off Gaza

On the defensive, Israel says Turkish activists on Gaza aid ship prepared in advance to fight

Defiant Israel says activists prepared to fight

Turkish court charges driver with murder of Roman Catholic bishop

Roman Catholic bishop’s driver charged with murder

Turkish group behind raided flotilla says it has millions to spend on Gaza aid

Turkish group behind flotilla is Gaza’s new hero

Roman Catholic bishop stabbed to death in southern Turkey, a day before pope meeting

Roman Catholic bishop stabbed to death in Turkey

Turkish police detain man suspected of stabbing Roman Catholic bishop to death

Turkish police detain suspect in bishop’s killing

Catholic bishop reportedly stabbed to death in southern Turkey

Catholic bishop reportedly stabbed in Turkey

AP INTERVIEW: French judge says Turkish charity behind Gaza flotilla had terror ties

AP INTERVIEW: Turkish aid group had terror ties

Israel, Egypt easing blockade on Gaza after 9 activists killed in Israeli raid on aid flotilla

Israel, Egypt ease Gaza blockade after deadly raid

Activists send new boat to challenge Israel’s Gaza blockade after raid kills 9

Activists send new boat to challenge Gaza blockade

Turkey withdraws ambassador as deadly Israeli raid on Gaza boats sparks protests, condemnation

Israel boat raid sparks condemnations, protests

Nations declare support to help Somalia achieve peace, eradicate piracy

Nations declare support to Somalia

ISTANBUL — Dozens of nations pledged Saturday to help Somalia build a strong police and military, achieve peace and stability and eradicate piracy that has plagued international maritime trade.

Turkish navy commandos capture 13 pirates in Indian Ocean, destroy their skiffs

Turkish navy commandos capture pirates

ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey’s military says navy commandos aboard a frigate have captured 13 pirates in the Indian Ocean.

Obama, world leaders work to stop nuclear spread, prohibit weapons from reaching terrorists