Julie Powers Schenecker Denied Bail
TAMPA (GaeaTimes.com)- Julie Powers Schenecker was produced at a Tampa court on Monday for a brief hearing in the murder case of her two teenage kids, 16-year-old Calyx and Beau 13.
Calyx Powers Schenecker And Beau Powers Schenecker Remembered
TAMPA (GaeaTimes.com)- Friends and neighbors of Calyx Powers Schenecker and Beau Powers Schenecker held a memorial service on Friday night remembering the two children who were shot dead by their own mother Julia Powers Schenecker.
Julie Powers Schenecker Hospitalized
TAMPA (GaeaTimes.com)- Julie Powers Schenecker, the 50 year old mother who has been charged of killing her own children has been hospitalized.
Julie Powers Schenecker Shoots Her Own Children
TAMPA (GaeaTimes.com)- A gory incident shook the entire Hillsborough County on Friday morning after police arrested Julie Powers Schenecker of having murdered her own children.

NEW YORK - Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges he drove his car while high on marijuana, and an officer testified that Simms told him at a checkpoint that he had been smoking.
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