SAfrican court denies Rwandan bail, saying suspect offered $1 million bribe to police

No bail for accused in Rwandan general shooting

UN: Fellow rebels handed over commander accused of leading mass gang rapes in eastern Congo

UN: Rebels turn in comrade accused in Congo rapes

Former soldier arrested over alleged Congo gang-rapes was surrendered by fellow rebels

Rebels handed over man arrested over Congo rapes

UN and Congolese forces arrest rebel commander for alleged mass rapes in eastern Congo

Rebel commander arrested for alleged Congo rapes

Nigerian militant case in S.Africa shows challenges faced by haven for continent’s dissidents

Some who flee to S.Africa are diplomatic challenge

Reported child sex abuse on the rise in Africa amid new helplines, police work and legislation

Kenya sees rise in reports of child sex abuse

South African man shot dead by police after holding family hostage and shooting wife, son

SAfrica man shot by police after standoff

JOHANNESBURG — Police say a South African man fatally shot his son and injured his wife before police broke into the house and shot him dead.

South African police investigating whether officers aided escape of 8 prisoners from court

South African police arrested for prisoner escape

Spain asks SAfrica to hand over ex-Rwandan general accused of genocide who survived shooting

Spain asks SAfrica to extradite ex-Rwanda general

South African police arrest 11 suspected rhino poachers, including 2 veterinarians

SAfrican police arrest 11 suspected rhino poachers

Major South African hospital chain, CEO charged in international organ trafficking

S. African hospital charged in organ trafficking

Police officer arrested in shooting death of South African teen during school protest

Officer arrested in death of SAfrican teen

California church wants to resume helping AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe after arrests of 5 members

US church wants to resume Zimbabwe AIDS work

South African murder rate drops by 8.6 percent; authorities credit better policing

South African murder rate drops by 8.6 percent

Swaziland activists march on 2nd day of protests for democracy, 2 leaders arrested

Swaziland activists march, 2 leaders arrested

South Africans whose trials are delayed by strike could end up suing government, lawyer says

Strike causes delays at South African courthouses

Congo civil leaders say they begged the UN, army to protect raped civilians

Congo leaders: We begged UN to protect civilians

Medical agency: Gunmen fire on plane with international aid workers landing in east Congo

Gunmen fire on plane carrying aid workers in Congo

South African rugby player Roux charged with murder, accused of beating policeman to death

SAfrican player charged in policeman’s slaying

10 suspects now arrested in shooting of ex-Rwandan general living in exile in South Africa

10 now arrested in shooting of ex-Rwandan general

Aid worker says rebels gang-raped nearly 200 women over days within miles of Congo UN base

Some 200 women gang-raped near Congo UN base

Did Fiona Coyne Commit suicide?

Former South African police chief wants to appeal corruption conviction; prosecution opposes

In S.Africa, ex-top cop wants to appeal conviction

South African police stop search after 4 bodies found in abandoned gold mine; guards accused

Search ends with 4 found dead in S. Africa mine

Rwandan president expected to win election handily; critics decry crackdown on opposition

Rwandan president expected to win election handily

Mia Farrow tells war crimes court that Naomi Campbell bragged of getting diamond from Africa

Mia Farrow tells court Naomi Campbell got diamond

Naomi Campbell’s former agent tells war crimes court she flirted with Charles Taylor

Campbell’s ex-agent: model flirted with Taylor

Mia Farrow tells war crimes court: Naomi Campbell bragged of getting ‘huge diamond’ in Africa

Mia Farrow: Campbell said gift was ‘huge’ diamond

Fearing a clampdown, journalists in South Africa fight proposed media law and tribunal

South Africa journalists fight proposed media laws

Journalism groups condemn a reporter’s arrest, fearing a media clampdown in South Africa

Media clampdown fears in South Africa

JOHANNESBURG — Journalism groups say they are dismayed by the arrest of a South African reporter.

Naomi Campbell at war crimes trial: I was given ‘dirty’ stones, not clear they were diamonds

Model tells court: Not clear gift was diamonds

Mandela charity says it does not have Taylor diamonds following Campbell testimony

Mandela charity denies having Taylor diamonds

Model Naomi Campbell testifies at Taylor war crimes trial that she received dirty ’stones’

Model tells court: Not clear gift was diamonds

Model Naomi Campbell testifies at Taylor war crimes trial that she received ‘dirty rocks’

Cambell testifies she received ‘dirty rocks’

Naomi Campbell arrives to testify about diamond gift at Charles Taylor’s war crimes trial

Naomi Campbell arrives at Taylor war crimes trial

Police: Vuvuzelas used to raise theft alarm, 3 suspects killed in South Africa mob attack

Vuvuzelas raise theft alarm in S.Africa, 3 killed

Ex-top cop in South Africa Jackie Selebi sentenced to 15 years on corruption charges

Ex-top cop in SAfrica gets 15 years in prison

Former students fined after pleading guilty to charges in racist video case in South Africa

Ex-students fined in SAfrica racist video case

Fifth suspect charged in shooting, wounding of exiled Rwandan general in South Africa

Fifth suspect charged in Rwandan exile shooting

Rhino killing surges in South Africa, authorities report organized crime, big money involved

South Africa reports surge in rhino killing

S. African white students plead guilty over urine-tainted food, drink in racism video case

White students plead guilty in racism video case

French soccer stars Ribery, Benzema charged with soliciting underage prostitute

French soccer stars face charges in sex probe

French soccer star Ribery faces preliminary charges for soliciting underage prostitute

French soccer star faces some charges in sex probe

FBI, Homeland Sec: Terror attacks in Uganda could signal potential of al-Shabab terrorists