Singapore rejects appeal by Swiss graffiti vandal, extends jail term by 2 months


Singapore extends jail term of Swiss graffiti vandal by 2 months, rejects appeal


AP Interview: UCI chief questions US probe, says no contact yet with investigators

Cycling chief: no contact from US investigators

British death penalty author rejects plea bargain in Singapore contempt case, could face jail

UK author vows to fight Singapore contempt charge

Singapore releases on bail British death penalty author investigated for defamation

Singapore releases UK author in defamation case

Singapore arrests British writer of death penalty book in defamation probe

Singapore arrests British writer for defamation

Pirates hijack Singapore ship in Gulf of Aden carrying antifreeze chemical, 19 Chinese sailors

Pirates hijack ship carrying antifreeze chemical

Singapore sentences Swiss man to caning for spraying graffiti on subway car

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Swiss man pleads guilty to spraying graffiti on Singapore subway car, may be caned

Swiss pleads guilty to spraying Singapore graffiti

Russia urges NATO to combat Afghan drug trafficking, offers to put ‘ring around’ country

Russia urges NATO to fight Afghan drug trafficking

Demand for ivory soars in Asia, risking extinction of hunted African elephants

Asian ivory trade poses danger to African elephant

Indonesia police find no link between recently arrests in Aceh and Malacca terrorist threat

Arrests in Indonesia not tied to Malacca threat

Singapore says it boosted security after threat of terrorist attack on ships

Singapore bolsters security over terrorist threat

Singapore says it boosted security at checkpoints, resorts after terror attack threat

Singapore bolsters security after terrorist threat

Officials warn of terror threat to oil tankers in Malacca Strait, countries step up patrols

Tankers warned of terror threat in Malacca Strait

Singapore Navy warns of terror threat against oil tankers in Malacca Strait, document shows

Singapore warns of terror threat in Malacca Strait

Islamist terror threat in Malacca, Singapore Straits

KUALA LUMPUR/SINGAPORE - Malaysian and Singapore authorities Thursday said a terrorist group could be planning attacks on ships in the Straits of Malacca and the Singapore Straits.

Singapore man gets 32 years in jail for child rape

SINGAPORE - A Singapore court sentenced a man to 32 years in jail after he raped and abused a girl for more than seven years, a media report said Saturday.

Indian gets 17 years in jail for killing Singapore prostitute

SINGAPORE - A Singapore court Thursday sentenced an Indian national to 17 years in jail for killing a pregnant prostitute, a media report said.

Singapore man gets 24-year jail for raping daughter

SINGAPORE - A Singapore court Monday sentenced a man to 24 years in prison for raping his daughter over several years, a media report said.

Bangladeshi sentenced to death for killing girlfriend

SINGAPORE - A Singapore court sentenced a Bangladeshi man to death for the murder of his Indonesian girlfriend, The Straits Times reported Saturday.

Somali pirates hijack India bound chemical tanker

LONDON/SINGAPORE - Somali pirates captured a Singaporean chemical tanker with 24 crew members in the Gulf of Aden on the first day of 2010.

Singapore puts paedophile behind bars for 10 years

SINGAPORE - A paedophile was put under a 10-year preventive detention for molesting six young girls, including a one-year-old toddler, the Straits Times reported Tuesday.

Singapore extradites terror suspect to US

SINGAPORE - Singapore has extradited a businessman to the US, where he had allegedly tried to buy weapons for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), the Straits Times reported Friday.