Preliminary Bosnian election results show ethnic divisions perpetuated

Preliminary results show Bosnians divided on vote

Bosnian elections likely to perpetuate ethnic divisions on country’s future

Split or united? Bosnians divided as they vote

Serb accused of attack on NY college student pleads guilty as part of plea bargain

Serb pleads guilty in NY student beating case

War crimes prosecutor urges EU to keep up pressure on Serbia to arrest Ratko Mladic

War crimes prosecutor: Keep pressure on Serbia

Radical Islam on rise in Balkans, raising fears of security threat to Europe

Radical Islam on rise in Balkans

SKOPJE, Macedonia — An online music video praising Osama bin Laden has driven home a troubling new reality: A radical brand of Islam embraced by al-Qaida and the Taliban is gaining a foothold in the Balkans.

US disappointed by light sentence for Serbian accused in assault of NY student

US unhappy with plea in Serbian assault case

Plea bargain announced in case of Serb accused of attack on NY college student

Plea bargain announced in NY student beating case

Plea bargain expected in case of Serb accused of attack on NY college student

Plea bargain expected in NY student’s beating case

Kosovo: French Gendarme wounded in ethnic clash sparked by Turkey’s basketball win over Serbia

Kosovo: French Gendarme injured in Kosovo clash

Serbian prosecutor charges 9 ex-troops for allegedly killing civilians during Kosovo war

Serbia charges 9 ex-troops with Kosovo war crimes

Serbia authorities say $256 million in property confiscated from organized crime bosses

Serbia confiscates $256 million of crime property

UN war crimes prosecutors say 1995 Croatian campaign deliberately ethnically cleansed Serbs

Prosecutors say Croatia ethnically cleansed Serbs

Hero or villain? UN war crimes trial will decide legacy of Croatian Gen. Gotovina

Trial wrapping up for Croat generals

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — To fellow Croatians he’s a war hero. For Serbs he’s a criminal who lent tacit support to ethnic cleansing. Of one thing there’s little doubt: Gen. Ante Gotovina has led a life on the edge.

Greek court releases Serbia center after night in custody following basketball brawl

Serbia center released after basketball brawl

Greek court releases Serbia’s Nenad Krstic after night in custody following basketball brawl

Serbia’s Krstic released after basketball brawl

Blagojevich die-hards the kind ousted governor would want on jury deciding his fate

Barack Obama

Bosnia’s ex-vice president arrives home after U.K. court blocks his extradition to Serbia

Ex-Bosnian leader arrives home after legal battle

UK court blocks attempt to extradite ex-Bosnian vice president for war crimes

UK court blocks extradition of ex-Bosnian leader



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UN court orders retrial for former Kosovo prime minister acquitted of war crimes

UN court orders retrial for former Kosovo premier

Pink Panthers, elusive jewel thieves who rob but never kill, on way to becoming legend

Balkan Pink Panthers stuff of local legend

Int’l judges reject extraditing Kosovo terror suspect to US on legal grounds, then free him

Judges won’t extradite Kosovo terror suspect to US

British court holds extradition hearing for ex-Bosnian vice president accused of war crimes

Hearing opens in Britain for ex-Bosnian leader

Trial of ex-NY college basketball player accused of beating NYC student postponed

Trial of Serb for attack on NY student postponed

Ex-NY college basketball player accused of beating NYC student goes on trial in Serbia

Serb goes on trial for attack on NY student

Ex-NY college basketball player accused of beating NYC student to go on trial in Serbia

Serb to go on trial for attack on NY student

Serbian police arrest man convicted for helping to assassinate a prime minister

Serbian police catch convicted assassin

BELGRADE, Serbia — Serbia’s police on Thursday caught a fugitive convicted of taking part in the assassination of Serbia’s Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic seven years ago.

UN court gives life sentences to 2 Bosnian Serbs for genocide at Srebrenica

2 Bosnian Serbs get life for Srebrenica genocide

Genocide fugitive Ratko Mladic’s family in Serbia wants him declared dead

Mladic’s family wants him declared dead

BELGRADE, Serbia — The family of Europe’s most-wanted fugitive, Bosnian Serb wartime military commander Ratko Mladic, is seeking to have him declared officially dead but authorities said Tuesday that the hunt for the genocide suspect will continue.

UN prosecutors say Serbia has handed them 18 wartime diaries written by Gen. Ratko Mladic

Serbia hands UN court seized Mladic diaries

UN prosecutor for ex-Yugoslavia files amended Mladic genocide indictment

UN prosecutor files amended Mladic indictment

Serbia plans to open mass grave believed to contain up to 350 bodies of Kosovo Albanians

Serbia plans to open mass grave

BELGRADE, Serbia — Serbian investigators will open a mass grave that could contain up to 350 bodies of Albanians who were killed during the 1998-99 war in Kosovo, then secretly buried in Serbia to hide the atrocities, an official said Thursday.

Fan of Serbian soccer club Red Star Belgrade shot, seriously wounded during game against rival

Fan of Serbian soccer club shot during brawl

Serbia issues international arrest warrant for Nazi war crimes suspect living in US

Serbia issues arrest warrant for suspected Nazi

Postwar reputation of ex-Serb general illustrates lingering animosities in former Yugoslavia

Ex-Serb general: hero or traitor?

BELGRADE, Serbia — Is Vlado Trifunovic a traitor, war criminal or hero? It all depends on whom you ask in the war-scarred Balkans.

British court grants bail to former Bosnian Vice President Ejup Ganic

UK court grants bail to ex-Bosnian vice president

Ex-Bosnian vice president remains in UK custody to fight Serbian war crimes charges

Ex-Bosnian vice president remains in UK custody

British court refuses bail for ex-Bosnian Vice President Ejup Ganic on war crimes charges

UK court refuses bail to former Bosnian politician

Serbia and Bosnia both demand custody of wartime Bosnian leader arrested in London

Serbia, Bosnia want custody of ex-Bosnian leader

Wartime leader Karadzic insists Bosnian Serbs were targets of Muslim state-sponsored terrorism

Karadzic: Serbs were targets of state terror

Serbian prosecutor files charges against a Serb who beat a US student into coma

Charges filed for attack on NY student

BELGRADE, Serbia — Prosecutors have filed assault charges against a former Serbian college student who jumped bail in the U.S. after beating a fellow American student into a coma, a spokesman said Tuesday.

Former Bosnian leader Ejup Ganic arrested at London airport under extradition warrant

Ex-Bosnian leader arrested at London airport

Wartime Bosnian Serb chief Karadzic claims self defense from Bosnian Muslim fundamentalists

Karadzic: Islamic militants to blame for bloodshed

Serbia police search Belgrade house of genocide fugitive Ratko Mladic

Serbia police search fugitive Mladic’s house

Serbia court reduces prison sentence for father of tennis player Jelena Dokic

Court reduces sentence for Jelena Dokic’s father

2 NY men sentenced to prison in Binghamton student beating that led to diplomatic conflict

2 NY men sentenced in Binghamton student beating

Serbia authorities arrest war crimes suspect wanted for killing of civilians in Bosnia

Serbia arrests war crimes suspect

BELGRADE, Serbia — Serbian police have arrested a war crimes suspect wanted for the killing of at least 19 civilians in eastern Bosnia and other atrocities of the 1992-95 war.

Serbia probes 5 ex-police in 1991 killing and torture of non-Serbs in Croatia

Serbia probes 5 ex-police for war crimes

BELGRADE, Serbia — Serbia’s war-crimes prosecutor’s office says five former policemen are under investigation in the killing of non-Serbs in Croatia in 1991.