RIVERHEAD, N.Y. - A New York teenager convicted for his role in the stabbing death of an Ecuadorean immigrant has received an eight-year prison term.

RIVERHEAD, N.Y. - Three teenagers who admitted targeting Hispanics for violence were sentenced Wednesday to seven-year prison terms for their roles in the 2008 killing of an Ecuadorean immigrant, and a fourth teen who had met the others on the night of the killing received a six-year sentence.

RIVERHEAD, N.Y. - Four New York teenagers who admitted being part of a gang that targeted Hispanics for violence face long prison terms for their roles in the killing of an Ecuadorean immigrant.

RIVERHEAD, N.Y. - On New York's Long Island, it's used to prevent drownings.

RIVERHEAD, N.Y. - A New York man who admitted killing his wife by lacing her coffee with cyanide has been sentenced to 19 years to life in prison.
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