Protests And Demonstrations

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - A Guantanamo prisoner who has been on a hunger strike for more than five years is occasionally eating solid food, but is still underweight and suffering from a medical condition likely caused by his protest, officials say in recently filed court documents.

MUMBAI, India - Police arrested 24 Hindu nationalists after they barged onto the set of a hit Indian reality television show Tuesday to protest its inclusion of two actors from Pakistan - India's historic archrival.

NEW YORK - A patron at the Stonewall Inn, a powerful symbol of the gay rights movement since protests over a 1969 police raid there, was tackled to the floor and beaten in an anti-gay bias attack over the weekend, authorities said Monday.

QUITO, Ecuador - Three police colonels were under criminal investigation Saturday for failing to prevent a massive protest by their subordinates against President Rafael Correa that spun out of control, claiming at least five lives.

MANILA, Philippines - Government prosecutors on Friday charged a popular Manila artist and tour guide with offending Roman Catholics after he disrupted Mass at the capital's main cathedral to protest the clergy's opposition to contraception.
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