Professional Malpractice

ST. PAUL, Minn. - It's a late-campaign distraction Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer vigorously tried to head off, even to the point of enlisting a private investigator.

CHICAGO - Fast decisions on life-and-death cases are the bread and butter of hospital emergency rooms.

NEW YORK - The scenario was unique, as far as doctors could tell: A man had gotten a transplanted kidney from a woman who had uterine cancer and didn't know it.

HAMMOND, Ind. - An Indiana surgeon who was arrested on an Italian mountainside after more than five years on the run from the law has pleaded not guilty to fraud and malpractice charges.
Obama cites GOP ideas as he preps health care plan
WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama embraced a handful of Republican health care ideas Tuesday to lure votes of Democrats wary of a more partisan approach as he prepared to spell out his final package for a sharply divided House and Senate, where its fate is unsure.
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