Police Brutality

SRINAGAR, India - Two Associated Press journalists were assaulted by police Friday at a roadblock in Indian-controlled Kashmir, and one was knocked out by blows from rifle butts and batons.

CAIRO - Egyptian police on Tuesday beat and arrested anti-government activists demonstrating outside the downtown presidential palace against the possibility of the president's son succeeding his father as leader of the country.

PITTSBURGH - City police wrongly arrested 25 people - and used unnecessary force against some of them - to "punish" them for participating in or being near an anti-police brutality protest after the Group of 20 summit ended in the city last year, the American Civil Liberties Union said in a lawsuit.

DALLAS - The Dallas police chief won guarded praise Thursday for his handling of the release of dashboard camera video that showed white officers hitting a black suspect, but some people disputed his claims that the beating was an isolated incident and not racially motivated.

PITTSBURGH - A black teen who attended the city's performing arts high school claims three white Pittsburgh police officers wrongfully assumed he was involved with drugs when they beat him, then allegedly conspired to file false charges against him and concoct a cover story for their actions, according to a federal lawsuit filed Monday.
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