Polish prosecutors open probe into alleged CIA prison treatment of Saudi suspect in Poland

Polish prosecutors to probe CIA prison acts

British author who denies Holocaust touring Nazi sites in Poland

Holocaust denier tours Nazi sites in Poland

APNewsBreak: Terror suspect’s lawyers demand probe of his treatment at ex-CIA site in Poland

APNewsBreak: Poles urged to probe CIA prison acts

AP Interview: Freed Chechen says Polish ruling backs Europe’s rejection of Russian charges

AP Interview: Chechen hails Polish court decision

Polish court orders Chechen separatist leader Zakayev released pending extradition proceedings

Poland: Court releases Chechen separatist leader

Chechen separatist Zakayev wanted in Russia arrested while attending conference in Poland

Chechen separatist Zakayev arrested in Poland

Chechen separatist arrested in Warsaw on international warrant

Chechen separatist arrested in Poland

WARSAW, Poland — Police in Poland say senior Chechen separatist Akhmed Zakayev who is wanted by Russia has been arrested on an international warrant.

Former Polish PM denies existence of secret CIA prison in the country

Former Polish PM denies existence of CIA prison

Cuban dissident says Fidel Castro should be tried by an international tribunal

Cuban dissident: Castro should be tried

WARSAW, Poland — Fidel Castro should face an international tribunal for alleged crimes against his own people, a recently released Cuban dissident said Thursday.

Former Polish president denies knowledge of CIA site and harsh treatment of terror suspect

Former Polish leader denies knowledge of CIA site

AP sources: Former FBI translator implicated in CIA interrogation abuse at secret Polish jail

AP sources: Former FBI man implicated in CIA abuse

German judge sets alleged Israeli spy suspected in Hamas slaying free on bail

German judge sets alleged Israeli spy free on bail

Poland extradites to Germany an alleged Israeli spy suspected in Hamas slaying

Poland extradites alleged Israeli spy to Germany

AP Exclusive: To keep program secret, CIA whisked 9/11 figures from Gitmo before court ruling

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan
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Polish court upholds extradition of alleged Mossad spy to Germany over Hamas slaying in Dubai

Polish court orders alleged Israeli spy extradited

Chicago-area man charged with helping Polish immigrants get New Mexico driver’s licenses

Feds arrest Polish immigrant in NM smuggling case

German prosecutors reveal gruesome charges against Nazi suspect from Belzec death camp

Gruesome charges detailed against suspected Nazi

APNewsBreak: German prosecutors charge WWII guard with participating in murder of 430,000 Jews

APNewsBreak: Nazi suspect indicted in Germany

Alleged Mossad agent appeals Polish court decision to extradite him to Germany

Alleged Mossad agent fights extradition to Germany

Outdoor poster blending nudity, Mickey Mouse and swastika causes a stir in Poland

Mickey Mouse with Nazi symbol ignites Polish anger

For Polanski, an old life returns: Safe in France, Poland, Switzerland but danger elsewhere

Polanski only safe in France, Poland, Switzerland

LA County DA blasts Swiss ruling that set Roman Polanski free; case will continue

LA DA blasts Swiss decision on Polanski

LOS ANGELES — The district attorney prosecuting Roman Polanski in Los Angeles blasted the Swiss government’s refusal on Monday to extradite the Oscar-winning director.

Film director Roman Polanski free after Swiss reject US request to extradite on sex charge

Polanski free, Swiss reject US extradition request

Over the past 5 decades, US-Russia spy swaps not uncommon

US-Russia spy swaps through history

Some notable past spy swaps involving the United States and the former Soviet Union:

Polish court orders extradition of Israeli man suspected of involvement in Hamas killing

Polish court orders Mossad spy suspect extradited

Israeli man suspected of involvement in Dubai slaying appears in Polish court

Alleged Mossad spy appears in Polish court

Alleged Mossad spy wanted by Germany over involvement in Dubai slaying appears in Polish court

Alleged Mossad spy appears before Polish court

Monet painting thief gets 3-year prison term in Poland

Prison term for Monet painting thief in Poland

Clinton visiting former Soviet states to reassert US interests in Russia’s neighborhood

US President Barack Obama

Pope praises priests as a gift to church and world; doesn’t mention sex abuse scandal

Pope praises priests, despite scandal

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI hailed priests on Sunday as gifts to the world for their generous and courageous work, in a speech that didn’t mention the clergy sex abuse scandal.

Poland arrests alleged Mossad spy regarding hit-squad slaying of Hamas agent in Dubai

Alleged Mossad spy arrested in hit-squad case

Poland arrests alleged Mossad spy wanted by Germany for ties to slaying of Hamas agent in UAE

Poland arrests alleged Mossad spy

BERLIN — An alleged Mossad spy from Israel wanted in connection with the slaying of a Hamas agent in the United Arab Emirates has been arrested in Poland, German officials said Saturday.

Official: Poland arrests alleged Mossad agent wanted by Germany for ties to Hamas slaying

Official: Poland arrests alleged Mossad agent

Church beatifies Jerzy Popieluszko, Polish priest slain by communists in 1984

Church beatifies Pole slain by communists in 1984

Polish police arrest US fugitive wanted by FBI for money laundering and fraud

Poland arrests US fugitive wanted by FBI for fraud

Brazil: Lawyers seek release of Polish priest accused of abuse, harboring ‘erotic dungeon’

Brazil: Lawyer for accused priest seek his release

Russian president turns gives long-sought Katyn massacre files to Polish leader

Russia gives Poland long-sought Katyn files

Germany prosecutor reopens probe into suspect alleged to partake in 1943 massacres of Jews

Germany reopens investigation of alleged Nazi

3 Auschwitz thieves fail to show up at Polish prison to start sentences

3 Auschwitz thieves are no-shows at Polish prison

Judge orders trial for ex-state mental hospital director accused of molesting adopted son

Trial ordered for ex-mental hospital director

Pope takes advice from small group, but decisions his own _ for better or worse

Small coterie advises pope, but decisions his own

Canadian police settle suit launched by the mother of unruly Polish traveler

Police apologize for Polish man’s death

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Canada’s national police force apologized and settled a lawsuit involving the case of an unruly Polish traveler who died after being repeatedly zapped with a Taser at Vancouver’s airport.

Benedict honors John Paul on 5th anniversary of death as doubts swirl around ‘miracle’ healing

Benedict honors John Paul 5 years after death

Poland convicts 3 men who confessed to theft of Auschwitz sign

Poland convicts 3 men in theft of Auschwitz sign

AP interview: Russian envoy criticizes US, NATO over Afghan drug surge

Russia criticizes US, NATO over Afghan drugs

Swedish court OKs extradition of ex-neo Nazi leader to Poland in Auschwitz case

Court OKs extradition of Swede in Auschwitz case

Polish prosecutors seek prison terms of up to 2 1/2 years for Auschwitz sign thieves

Prosecutors seek prison terms for Auschwitz theft

Former guard testifies that Demjanjuk served at Nazi concentration camp in Germany

Former guard says Demjanjuk was at Nazi camp

Polish police recover US blood plasma stolen during transport to Austria

Polish police recover stolen US blood plasma

Suspect in theft of Auschwitz sign in Poland arrested in Sweden

Suspect in Auschwitz sign theft arrested in Sweden