UN peacekeeper abducted as Security Council visits Darfur, voices concern over violence

UN members visit Darfur as peacekeeper is abducted

Sailors injured in 10-year-old suicide attack on USS Cole file lawsuit against Sudan

Sailors injured in USS Cole attack file lawsuit

Algerian court acquits Christian couple of offending Islam by lunching during Ramadan

2 Christians acquitted in Algeria Ramadan case

Spanish judge releases US al-Qaida suspect citing lack of evidence, but probe continues

Spanish judge frees US al-Qaida suspect

MADRID — A Spanish judge ordered the release Thursday of a U.S. citizen of Algerian origin who was detained on suspicion of financing al-Qaida’s North Africa affiliate, citing a lack of evidence but keeping the investigation open.

Medical experts challenge prognosis for Lockerbie bomber as senator suspects mischief

Medical experts doubt Lockerbie bomber’s prognosis

Senator says Scotland gave conflicting accounts of Lockerbie bomber’s treatment

Senator: conflicting account of bomber’s treatment

State Dept. official to Congress: US has no records of BP seeking Lockerbie bomber’s release

US has no records on BP and Lockerbie bomber

Europe terror threat still active, officials scouring Pakistan sites for al-Qaida operatives

Europe terror threat still active

LONDON — European security officials said Wednesday a terror plot to wage Mumbai-style shooting sprees in Britain, France and Germany is still active and that sites in Pakistan — where the threat was intercepted two weeks ago — are being scoured for al-Qaida operatives.

Spain arrests American of Algerian origin on suspicion of financing al-Qaida

Spain arrests American al-Qaida suspect

MADRID — Spanish police have arrested a U.S. citizen of Algerian origin who is suspected of financing al-Qaida’s North African affiliate, the Interior Ministry said Wednesday.

Court changes death sentence for Egypt mogul accused of killing diva lover to 15 years in jail

Egypt mogul gets 15 years jail instead of death

Brother says suspect in Neb. storage shooting was ‘good kid’ who fled war in Sudan with family

Neb. shooting suspect was Sudanese war refugee

Kidnapping of French uranium workers in Niger shows al-Qaida-linked group getting bolder

Niger kidnappings show group getting bolder

French president Sarkozy calls Niger kidnappings ‘worrying,’ pledges to mobilize government

France’s Sarkozy calls Niger kidnappings worrying

Al-Qaida North Africa branch claims responsibility for kidnapping 5 French in Niger

Al-Qaida claims kidnapping of 5 French in Niger

Egyptian police arrest protesters decrying possible succession of Mubarak’s son

Egyptian police crack down on anti-Mubarak protest

Libyan newspaper says Canadian detained on suspicion of spying for the CIA

Report: Libya detains Canadian spy suspect

Hamas says official arrested in Egypt falsely accused of endangering Egyptian security

Hamas: Official arrested in Egypt falsely accused

APNewsBreak: Terror suspect’s lawyers demand probe of his treatment at ex-CIA site in Poland

APNewsBreak: Poles urged to probe CIA prison acts

France increases terror security, protects moderate mosque leader amid reports of new threat

France raises terror security, new threat reported

French soldiers hunt for kidnapped workers in Niger; Areva acknowledges security ‘breakdowns’

French soldiers hunt for abducted workers in Niger

Top Hamas official arrested in Egypt on way back to Gaza, say relatives

Top Hamas official arrested in Egypt

CAIRO — A top Hamas security official was arrested at Cairo airport for using falsified travel documents, Egyptians officials said Sunday.

French FM: al-Qaida’s North Africa offshoot may be behind Niger kidnappings of 7 in Sahara

France suspects al-Qaida link in Niger kidnapping

7 people working for Areva nuclear company, including 5 French citizens, kidnapped in Niger

7 people, including 5 French, kidnapped in Niger

French nuclear company Areva says 7 people, including 2 French employees, kidnapped in Niger

France’s Areva says 7 people kidnapped in Niger

Lawyer: Prominent Algerian anti-corruption activist convicted of forgery

Lawyer: Algeria anti-corruption activist convicted

Tightening divorce ban highlights how Egypt’s Christians cleave closer to their Church

Among Egypt’s Christians, few question Church rule

Egyptian government officials to be tried in theft of Van Gogh painting

Egyptian officials to be tried in Van Gogh theft

Posters supporting Egypt’s spy chief for president swiftly removed from Cairo’s streets

Posters for Egypt’s spy chief as president removed

Kenya allows International Criminal Court to open office in Nairobi days after al-Bashir visit

Barack Obama

Activist group promotes Egypt’s powerful intelligence chief for president

Group promotes Egypt’s spy chief for president

Human Rights Watch urges Bahrain authorities to investigate Shiite activists’ torture claims

HRW urges Bahrain investigate torture claims

3 Russians abducted in Darfur freed by Sudanese forces

3 Russians kidnapped in Darfur freed

KHARTOUM, Sudan — Three Russians abducted by gunmen in Sudan’s restive Darfur region were freed by security forces after a clash with their kidnappers, a Sudanese news website reported Tuesday.

3 Russian pilots snatched in Darfur freed by Sudanese forces

3 Russian pilots kidnapped in Darfur freed

Prosecutors question Egyptian culture minister over van Gogh theft

Egyptian minister questioned in van Gogh theft

Sudan says 2 Russian pilots kidnapped working for UN kidnapped in Darfur

Sudan says 2 Russian pilots kidnapped in Darfur

Egyptian police uncover desert caches of weapons bound for Gaza’s smuggling tunnels

Egyptian police find weapons bound for Gaza

Indicted Sudanese president visits Kenya, defies arrest warrant on genocide charges

Protesters rally outside the White House

Spanish hostages freed by al-Qaida-linked group following prisoner swap, allegations of ransom

Spanish hostages freed by al-Qaida arrive in Spain

Top culture ministry official detained and accused of neglect in Van Gogh painting theft

Egypt deputy minister detained over van Gogh theft

Faulty cameras and alarms at Cairo museum blamed for theft of van Gogh painting in Egypt

Faulty alarms blamed for van Gogh theft in Egypt

Broken cameras and alarms at Cairo museum blamed for theft of van Gogh painting in Egypt

Security lapses blamed for van Gogh theft in Egypt

Egyptian official backtracks, says stolen van Gogh painting not recovered, search continues

Egyptian minister: Search still on for van Gogh

Egyptian police recover Van Gogh painting hours after it was stolen from Cairo museum

Egyptian police recover stolen Van Gogh painting

Thieves steal Van Gogh painting valued at $50 million from Cairo museum

Thieves steal Van Gogh painting from Cairo museum

UK warns Libya any celebration of Lockerbie bomber’s freedom would be offensive and tasteless

UK warns Libya over Lockerbie bomber anniversary

British families of Lockerbie victims call on US senators to visit Scotland

UK Lockerbie families call US senators to Scotland

Saudi judge asks hospital if it can damage convict’s spine as punishment for paralyzing man

Saudi judge considers paralysis punishment

Report: Saudi judge asks hospital if it can damage convict’s spine after he paralyzed man

Report: Saudi judge considers paralysis punishment

Lockerbie bomber still causing an uproar a year after his release, just by staying alive

Lockerbie bomber fuels anger just by staying alive

Jordanian peacekeepers freed by Sudan army 4 day abduction in Darfur

Sudan army frees kidnapped Jordan peacekeepers